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Why a second lockdown will test governments to the limit

A second lockdown is not the first lockdown on rewind. Governments and their advisers need to show they understand this.

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Victoria: a state overflowing with inconsistencies, anomalies and infections

Despite early successes, the Victorian approach to beating COVID-19 had some glaring inconsistencies. Did this cause the second spike?

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How did Victoria get here? Examine the lack of diversity in decision-making

Instead of blaming 'rule-breaking' individuals for the rise of coronavirus cases in Melbourne, look at how diverse the decision-makers are.

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It's time to give COVIDSafe the flick

Millions of dollars down the drain for an app that barely works — COVIDSafe is a dud and the government needs to fix it or flick it.

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The government has improved abortion access during the pandemic. Doctors are fighting to keep it that way

To help women safely access abortion services via telehealth, the government would need only to keep doing what services say it has been for decades: nothing.

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Victoria's COVID-19 misfortune will repeat elsewhere — again and again

Other states were quick to condemn Victoria for its second COVID-19 spike, but the second wave is coming for them too, and it will be worse than they imagine.

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Last drinks: taking in the final night before lockdown

Though the venues were teeming, here was a distinct nervous energy in Melbourne's nightspots on the eve of the city's second lockdown.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Behind the lines: a communique from the Victorian resistance

Who would have guessed that running a quarantine via the party's neoliberal profit motive could go so horribly wrong!

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Deaths in June prove the world could end the pandemic, but won’t

COVID-19 has been suppressed in more than 20 developed countries, but that doesn't mean it's under control globally.

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COVID's silver lining: flu deaths down and likely to stay down

Australians have taken good hygiene to heart — social distancing, handwashing and getting the flu vaccine have had a huge effect.