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Chinese honour guard raise the Chinese flag during the commissioning ceremony of China's Shandong aircraft carrier (Image: Li Gang)

As China twists the knife, how serious is Australia about defending Taiwan and Hong Kong?

The US and Australia say they are prepared to defend Taiwan against Chinese encroachment. But with Hong Kong in uncharted waters, is it anything more than just Western posturing?

(Images: AAP/Paul Miller)

Crisis in higher ed looms as Chinese students pledge never to return to Australia

With an economic crisis looming, if foreign students stay away Australia is in big trouble.

Police shoot pepper spray at protesters inside a train in Hong Kong, 2019 (Image: AP/Ring Yu)

Australians will feel Beijing's weight if they step out of line in Hong Kong

Sweeping new security laws are designed to catch anyone the Chinese Communist Party doesn't like — and it's already started.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (AP/Sipa USA)

After travelling the world, COVID-19 is sowing chaos in India

COVID-19 is set to wreak havoc on the economies of India and its neighbours, and it couldn't have come at a worse time for Australia.

(Image: Adobe)

Rio Tinto rethink: it's time for the miner to cut colonial baggage, pay more

Rio Tinto could do worse than relocating its global headquarters to Australia if it wants to repair its rocky image.

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison

China's tirades against Australia are different this time — they really matter

While Xi is running things, we can expect to hear much more about Australian racism and Australian lapdogs dancing to American tunes.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (AP/Sipa USA)

Don't say a c-word: what was missing from Morrison's latest chat with Modi

Australia has a perfect relationship with India... as long as coal and human rights abuses are left entirely off the agenda.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (Image: Wikimedia)

Australia shouldn't expect another free ride from China

China provided crucial support to Australia after the 2008 global financial crisis. Today, they must look after themselves.

Hong Kong's 2014 'Umbrella Movement' protests (Image: Studio Incendo)

Good enough for UK, good enough for us. Why Australia should open doors to Hong Kong citizens

With calls for the US to take in Hong Kong residents to spite Beijing, questions remain: would it accomplish anything — and should Australia consider it?

2019-20 Hong Kong protests (Image: Flikr/Studio Incendo)

Beijing's Hong Kong plans may lead to an exodus, and Australia must be ready

It's not just Australia's diplomatic interests being threatened by China's tightening grip on Hong Kong — 100,000 Australians call Hong Kong home.