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Environment Minister Sussan Ley and Graeme Samuel (on screen) (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Conflict of Interest: Will environmental protections be kept out of states’ hands?

State governments have a history of rolling over to powerful developers' demands, often turning a blind eye to environmental concerns.

Michael Shellenberger (Image: Wikimedia)

News Corp's newest climate convert is a career contrarian

The 'energy expert' (who has no formal scientific qualifications) says he wants to blow 'hysteria and alarmism' away — but with fans and followers like his, that's blowin' in the wind.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Everything sucks: Australia — and the world — just had one hell of a week

ABC cuts, environmental turmoil, virus spikes and political malaise — Australia just had a week, and it's not going to get any better.

(Image: AAP Image/Dan Peled)

Scientists are enchanted by Australia's horrifying murder-clouds (and other news you may have missed)

The effects of the devastating 2020 summer bushfires are still wowing scientists. Plus other stories that slipped through the cracks this week.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Labor offers to deal with terrorists in climate wars

In offering bipartisanship on energy, Labor is offering to do a deal with the 'terrorists' who have thwarted all forms of climate action for years.

November 2018 bushfires in Salt Ash, NSW. (Image: AAP/Darren Pateman)

The government won’t go green after COVID-19 — and the public won’t care

History tells us that the searing urgency for climate action after the summer's bushfires will cool unless principled people keep up the good fight.

The receding waters of Lake Pamamaroo which makes up part of the Menindee Lakes system (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Open the floodgates: get ready for another fight about water

A new inquiry will look at Australia's water: one of the most vitriolic and dangerous policy areas in this bone-dry yet also flood-prone country.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Let ’er rip! Snowy 2.0 project now an integrity test for Gladys Berejiklian

As the NSW Government pushes ahead with planning approval for Snowy 2.0, experts are worried the benefits won't outweigh the costs.

How the environment could save the economy, post-pandemic

With the economic cost of climate inaction not an option, green research and development may be just the thing to jumpstart an economy ravaged by coronavirus.

(Image: AAP/Morgan Sette)

The bags are back: health concerns and cheap oil sees plastic make a comeback 

The lower price of crude, as well as fear about the coronavirus, is helping fuel a resurgence of single-use plastics. But it doesn't have to be permanent.