May, 2018

Clean fuel in Australia still just a load of hot air

, May 24, 2018

Is the push to end Australia's dependency on low-quality petrol just a pipe dream?

What does each state want from the NEG?

, Apr 20, 2018

The Council of Australian Governments meets today to have their say on the NEG, and not every state and territory is going in with a smile.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan doomed by well-intentioned ‘nonsense’

, Mar 21, 2018

With the plan now falling apart, experts are shining a light on its flaws and forging a new path towards meaningful action.

The Oz v the Greens: who’s right, and who’s a great big hopping idiot in the great kangaroo cull debate?

, Mar 07, 2018

A culture-war-free explainer on culling kangaroos, and Lee Rhiannon.

A spotter’s guide to climate skeptics

, Mar 01, 2018

David Finnigan has had a number of run-ins while working on his controversial new play about climate deniers. Here, he argues they fall into one of a few camps.

States, Joyce in the frame for Murray-Darling collapse

, Feb 19, 2018

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is falling apart as states back out, but were they doing much to begin with?

Rundle: culture warrior Brendan Pearson lobs fizzers at anti-Adani hipsters

, Feb 16, 2018

How ironic, an ex-coal industry spinner doesn’t know when to stop digging.

How poems from the Pacific Islands are fronting the fight for climate justice

, Feb 14, 2018

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner explains how climate change is devastating her home, the Marshall Islands.

The political cost of climate flip-flopping for fickle pollies

, Feb 14, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull's position on climate change has undergone a remarkable range of gyrations. The same is true of Queensland Labor. Such flip-flopping always comes at a price.

Bigger than Adani: the NT ‘carbon bomb’ waiting to explode

, Feb 07, 2018

By itself, Queensland’s proposed Adani coal mine would result in 5 billion tonnes of carbon-dioxide greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly, Adani is a "carbon-bomb".