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Who reviewed the Labor review?

The 91-page report has given every pundit and politician enough room to argue a point.

University of Sydney

The education divide proved decisive in Morrison's election win

Scott Morrison’s appeal to those with a lower level of education more than compensated for his lack of appeal to highly educated Australians.

Labor's religious problem isn't going away any time soon

The number of religious Australians may be in decline, but it won't help Labor much in the short term.

Can wealthy voters save Albanese and Labor?

Mapping electorates by wealth gives us a fascinating picture of who voted against Labor and what that means for the next election.

A not so accurate print ad taken out by the United Australia Party.

Is it illegal to lie to voters in political ads?

This election has triggered a loud call for something to be done about untruth in political advertising. But can we actually do anything under current laws?

Tim Wilson MP with the new $20 note. (Image: AAP /Dean Lewins)

How the Coalition played a long game to win the franking credits debate

From targeting RSLs to confusing claims, franking credits have been a defining issue in the election. How did the Coalition win this one?

(Image: Getty/wavebreakmedia)

Australia can't build a future on franking credits 

Counter to many election predictions, it's the boomers wot won it. Now we desperately need to reckon with the results.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Can we still trust political polling?

In the wake of a shock election result, the public have been left wondering how the polls got it so wrong — and if we can rely on them in the future.

(Image: AAP/Michael Chambers)

Prayers and preference-recycling: who's taking credit for the Coalition's win?

In the wake of the shock win, Clive Palmer and the Australian Christian Lobby are among those claiming a slice of the Coalition's victory.