February, 2017

WA election micro-party form guide: the major minors

, Feb 27, 2017

"Let's all vote for Henry" is running again as a candidate for Family First. Plus the other minor parties you might have heard of.

Poll Bludger: WA Liberals starting to sweat

, Feb 24, 2017

There are two weeks to go in the 2017 Western Australian election, and so far the Liberals are not having any luck convincing voters that more of the same is what they really want.

LEAKED: One Nation preference deal emails with WA Liberals

, Feb 15, 2017

What follows is an edited selection of email exchanges between key stakeholders in the Western Australia Liberal-One Nation preference deal, as discovered by satirist Ben Pobjie.

Preferences dominate Parliament on who dealt with Hanson and how

, Feb 13, 2017

The government's shaky argument in defence of the WA Liberals' preference deal with Pauline Hanson in question time today didn't last too long.

Poll Bludger: Barnett’s One Nation deal might have just handed Labor 5 seats

, Feb 13, 2017

Colin Barnett clearly thinks he can't win the 2017 Western Australian election without One Nation. But can the Liberals win the state with such toxic bedfellows?

Will Turnbull’s legacy be the toxic spread of One Nation?

, Feb 13, 2017

By encouraging the WA Liberals to negotiate with One Nation, Malcolm Turnbull has departed from the policy set by John Howard, and enabled the metastasis of a political cancer.

What is Roe 8 and why has it become a vote-winning issue in WA?

, Feb 10, 2017

It would be WA's first toll road, and represents the first stage of the $1.6 billion Perth Freight Link.

Poll Bludger: things are looking grim for WA Libs, but they could be worse

, Feb 02, 2017

WA Premier Colin Barnett is even being consistently trounced by Labor's McGowan in preferred premier polling, which usually favours the incumbent.

Poll Bludger: the Coalition might have no choice but to embrace One Nation in WA

, Jan 31, 2017

And it could be the beginning of the end for two-party politics.

Poll Bludger: what seats could One Nation win in Western Australia?

, Jan 27, 2017

One Nation is making a concerted push ahead of the WA election in March. Could Pauline Hanson's party hold the balance of power in the upper house?

Access to legal advice for the disadvantaged stymied in WA

, Dec 23, 2016

Despite WA Premier Colin Barnett putting employment law back on the table as an election issue, there are no plans to fund any employment law service, writes freelance journalist Charlie Lewis.

Poll Bludger: Barnett’s MYEFO relief … kind of

, Dec 23, 2016

Check out what's up in WA. And don't forget to have a merry Christmas.

Polling shows state Labor rampant on the east coast

, Dec 21, 2016

State-based polling shows Labor performing strongly in the eastern states, and One Nation and NXT well placed in Queensland and South Australia.

All eyes on Barnett as coroner orders Ms Dhu footage released

, Dec 19, 2016

The harrowing footage of Ms Dhu's last days has been released to the public. But what will Colin Barnett do now?

Slack public servants don’t bother to check if Commonwealth is being ripped off

, Nov 30, 2016

Taxpayers should be earning tens or hundreds of millions more in royalties from the North West Shelf gas and oil production field, but the department in charge of collecting them can't be bothered.

Brandis’ ‘involvement’ in the Bell saga leaves serious questions

, Nov 29, 2016

We're none the wiser as to why, exactly, the WA government believed it had a tawdry deal with the Commonwealth to rip off taxpayers -- or what the involvement of senior government figures was.

Culleton’s latest conspiracy theory bedfellow takes on the Queen (and money)

, Nov 23, 2016

The man at the centre of One Nation Senator Rod Culleton's controversial court letter is another in a clutch of conspiracy theorist litigants surrounding the West Australian.

Loyalty, One Nation-style: Culleton goes under the bus

, Nov 08, 2016

Pauline Hanson shows Turnbull and Abbott how to REALLY throw a colleague under a bus. But at least Rod Culleton has one supporter, albeit in another parliamentary chamber.

Will One Nation’s second-wackiest senator try to prove the High Court is null and void?

, Nov 04, 2016

One Nation Senator Rod Culleton argues Australia's courts lack authority because they don't mention the Queen enough. And something about the Freemasons. And now he can tell the High Court that in person.

Essential: everything’s coming up Labor

, Oct 11, 2016

Labor is doing well across most states, according to Essential Research. And voters have rejected the claim that renewables are to blame for the SA blackout.