Carpenter moves on, MacTiernan calls his bluff

September 28, 2009 3

According to former WA planning minister Alannah MacTiernan, Labor might have won the last state election if not for its overtly negative election campaign strategy, writes Lawrence Apps.

One year on: WA’s “accidental Premier” digs in

September 23, 2009 2

Many have been quick to label Colin Barnett "the accidental Premier" -- a fall guy who was never meant to win -- but if history is any judge, then it should be smooth sailing for the Libs, writes The Western Warrior.

After one year in the WA wilderness, Labor is stuffed (part I)

September 15, 2009 2

Kevin Rudd needs the WA Labor Party to start being a threat, not a liability, writes Western Warrior.

Should party leadership or local members decide safe seats?

August 25, 2009

Safe seats are an opportunity to elect someone bright and controversial. However, state leaders being able to override preselection committee candidates are affecting the candidates selected, writes Anna Winter.

Catania’s WA bombshell reflects a sick ALP

July 24, 2009 2

The culture of the Labor Party in the west is battered and broken with Vince Catania's defection to the Nationals, and things don't look like recovering any time soon.

MPs to India: an unofficial parliamentary delegation to visit the Dalai Lama

July 22, 2009 2

What does one give a simple Buddhist monk for his 74th birthday? The Federal Member for Fremantle Melissa Parke writes on her recent travels to India.

SA & WA Newspolls: Rann and Barnett on top

May 21, 2009

Sometime back yonder, the latest South Australian and WA Newspoll State politics quarterly estimates were released onto the Newspoll public database. Here's what they're saying.

Akerman: Green win signals mayhem for Labor

May 20, 2009

Labor has only itself to blame for the Greens' success in Fremantle.

Jump to the Left, step to the Right

May 20, 2009

Conservative columnists try to get their heads around the Greens' win in the Fremantle by-election.

Freo by-election: the start of big things for the Greens

May 18, 2009 8

The Fremantle by-election was only the second time the Greens had won a state or federal lower house seat outside of Tasmania.