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Part two: The family feud that made national headlines

Crikey March 31, 2010

In part two of a special report into the family feud in the indigenous Noongar community that made national headlines, Kayt Davies details the night in question.

The simmering family feud in a WA town

The simmering family feud in a WA town

Crikey March 30, 2010 4 Comments

Shots fired during a brawl last November in a tiny Western Australian township made national news. In the first in a series of special reports on the incident, Kayt Davies explains what they're fighting about.


William Bowe March 30, 2010

With more state elections looming, William Bowe wraps all the latest preselection news from battles around the country.

Rudd’s hospital reform: taking the pundits’ pulse

Crikey March 4, 2010 3 Comments

Kevin Rudd's plans for public hospital reform have been met with a mixed bag of responses -- doctors like it, many State governments don't, and subeditors across the land are having a field day with bad medical puns.

Creating “smart school” heat-maps with My School data

Crikey February 6, 2010

Joel Pobar has done some impressively nerdy things with data from the My Schools website to create heat-maps of where Australia's top schools are located.

The corporates that helped Bligh, Barnett to power

The corporates that helped Bligh, Barnett to power

Andrew Crook February 1, 2010 2 Comments

The release of this morning's Australian Electoral Commission's "periodic disclosures" data paint a vivid picture of who bankrolled the two state elections that occurred in the 2008/09 financial year.

Westpoll: 57-43 to Liberals in WA

William Bowe January 27, 2010

The latest Westpoll survey shows the Barnett government back to a commanding 57-43 lead, plus the surprising finding that, after a month’s merciless pillorying in the media, support for Police Minister Rob Johnson being sacked is running 22% to 50% against, reports William Bowe.

The incredible exploding police minister

Crikey January 14, 2010 3 Comments

The Barnett government's attempts at populism have blown up with a glorious detonation this week in the west, and the political chicken entrails are predicting a cabinet re-shuffle very soon, writes Luke Walladge.

Feeling anti-social in WA? Go directly to jail

Greg Barns December 2, 2009 3 Comments

Is heavy-handed Anti-Social Behaviours Orders (ASBO) legislation really needed in Western Australia? Particularly since they don't work and mainly just force vulnerable people with mental illness into the prison system.

Willagee byelection: as it happened

William Bowe November 29, 2009

Relive all the thrills and spills of yesterday's epic battle between the Left and more-Left for the WA seat of Willagee with William Bowe's live coverage of the event.