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Forest fire management: objective analysis needed

June 4, 2009 2

Emotive public opinion is no replacement for careful evaluation -- especially given the risks and costs involved, writes Lionel Elmore.

Watching the ALP stacks come in: the membership rorts go on

June 3, 2009 5

Extensive and apparently systemic rorting of ALP membership rules in Victoria has continued despite the Brimbank scandal.

Street louts have got nothing on the policy hooligans

June 3, 2009 1

While concerns for personal safety may be one very good reason why Indian students have suddenly becoming mobilised, there are other factors operating behind the scenes, writes Peter Quiddington.

The Brimbank scourge that spans Victoria

June 2, 2009

John Brumby's decision to sideline notorious numbers man George Seitz will have little impact in faction-ridden Victoria.

Crikey wrap: Indian press on Australia’s racism

June 2, 2009 9

The spotlight on Australia’s racist underbelly comes amid fears our reputation as a destination for Indian students is on the line.

Indian student protests: perception vs. reality

June 2, 2009

The weekend's demonstration by Indian students in Melbourne may have at last awakened the wider community to the violent problem -- but it has risks too, says John Birmingham.

Clean energy our government doesn’t want to know about

May 26, 2009

Australian iventor Fred Sundermann has created a breakthrough renewable energy alternative. So why is government bureaucracy blocking him almost every step of the way?

VCA cuts an act of barbarism

May 26, 2009

The loss of Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts will be a disaster for arts professions, says Barista.

Another feral ALP council set to test Brumby

May 22, 2009

A Melbourne council described by ALP insiders as the "new Brimbank" is being probed by the Victorian Ombudsman on at least three fronts.

A win for Victoria’s Human Rights Charter

May 22, 2009

The tale of Victoria's first successful human rights claim. What could this mean at a Federal level?