June, 2016

Mining minister used mining company email address but claims ‘filter’ stopped conflict

, Jun 15, 2016

The former Tasmanian mining minister used an email account at his mining company while holding the portfolio. But he says it's fine, as he had a filter to stop him seeing things he shouldn't.

For sale: waterfront property. Expected lifespan: maybe 50 years.

, Jun 09, 2016

Climate change and related flooding is not a surprise. Should we be paying for rich people to build new pools?

Tasmania could weaken law to allow bigots in marriage equality debate

, Jun 08, 2016

Should people be able to say whatever they like in same-sex marriage debate? Tassie says maybe.

Tassie Libs host secret ‘policy forum’ for corporate donors

, Jun 08, 2016

Freelance journalist and Tasmanian Times contributing editor Bob Burton asks, why is AMP so interested in supporting the Tasmanian Liberals?

Seats to watch: storm-ravaged northern Tasmania, where the winds of change roar

, Jun 07, 2016

The storm has brought Malcolm Turnbull to Tasmania -- but Bass, Braddon and Lyons had has attention anyway.
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Should we all move to Tassie?

, May 26, 2016

The Tasmanian budget will be delivered today. Although it might have some good news in the short term, in the long term the Apple Isle's prospects don't look good.

Poll Bludger: religious right comes up trumps in Lib preselection battles

, Apr 11, 2016

The Abetzes -- Eric and Peter -- are throwing their weight around. Plus: what on earth is going on in Queensland?

State income tax: a good idea, except for South Australia and Tasmania

, Mar 30, 2016

State income taxes might attract the economic purists, but they'll be bad news for smaller, poorer states like South Australian and Tasmanian.

‘This is system collapse’: Tassie fires the beginning of the end

, Feb 04, 2016

As fires ravage Tasmania's pristine areas, writer and Launceston bushwalking guide Bert Spinks mourns for the beautiful places that are no more.
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The tawdry tale of the pokies group that bet against David Walsh — and lost

, Nov 05, 2015

The tide of public opinion is turning against pokies in Tasmania. And MONA's David Walsh looks set yet again to come up trumps. Economist and accountant John Lawrence explains.
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Poll Bludger: meet Christine Milne’s replacement

, Jul 31, 2015

Nick McKim has held a seat for the outer Hobart division of Franklin in the state’s lower house since 2002. But who is he, exactly?
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Milne leaves Greens at record strength

, May 06, 2015

Christine Milne leaves politics with her party at record strength -- an outcome that looked unlikely when she took over as leader.
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Call of the wild: if a jet ski falls in the forest …

, Apr 14, 2015

The Tasmanian government's proposed expansion of the tourism industry threatens everything great about Tassie's wilderness, writes Bert Spinks, freelance writer and bushwalking guide on the Overland Track.
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Poll Bludger: is Lambie the old adventures of new Pauline?

, Apr 02, 2015

Jacqui Lambie wants to form her own political party. But will she be able to reach the heights of Pauline Hanson's One Nation?
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Why you could soon be sued for defamation in a Tassie court

, Jan 08, 2015

Proposed new defamation laws for Tasmania could have an Australia-wide chilling effect on free speech.
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Should Tassie devils be introduced to Wilson’s Prom?

, Nov 14, 2014

Authorities are considering introducing Tasmanian devils onto Wilson's Prom to decrease the feral cat population. But biologist Allen Greer says there's little evidence the devils will make any difference.
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State 7.30 shows under threat, but still more popular than Leigh Sales

, Oct 28, 2014

The loss of the local editions of 7.30, which used to be called Stateline, have prompted a fierce reaction, and a look at the ratings helps reveal why.
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The rich list absentee landowners behind Tassie anti-wind farm campaign

, Oct 01, 2014

Two BRW rich listers have donated thousands of dollars to prevent a feasibility study into a wind farm off the coast of Tasmania.
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(Graeme) Wood for the trees: Tassie’s psycho forest wars reignite

, Sep 26, 2014

Tasmania's woodchip industry is uncompetitive, overseas demand has dried up, and Australian plants are closing. So why on earth are loggers still talking about the closed Triabunna woodchip mill as if it could be reopened?
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Tassie may hold the govt to ransom on the RET

, Jul 03, 2014

Tasmania punches well above its weight in terms of political influence -- and the state's aluminium smelting industry is not happy with keeping the Renewable Energy Target.