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The Tassie election: a guide to Bass

The Tassie election: a guide to Bass

William Bowe February 22, 2010

William Bowe starts dissecting the Tasmanian election, starting with the Bass electorate. How will the "iPod-loving, bicycle-riding, latte-sipping trendy" Premier David Bartlett deal with the Liberal seat?

Antony Green: Why Labor will lose Franklin

Crikey February 18, 2010

Antony Green profiles the Tasmanian state division of Franklin, where new boundaries and a high-profile Liberal Party campaign look set to unseat at least one of the three sitting ALP members.

Why is Fairfax granting anonymity for a Labor Party beat-up?

Crikey February 17, 2010

"Senior Labor Party figures" have been peddling unsubstantiated claims about Greens leader Nick McKim's political future, says Bob Burton. Why is the Mercury granting them anonymity for such an obvious beat-up?

Tired Labor in for a fight in Tasmanian election

William Bowe February 15, 2010

Like a number of its mainland counterparts, the Tasmanian Labor government has suddenly begun feeling its age and is in for a tough fight in the upcoming state election.

The 2010 Aussie election bonanza: a form guide

Crikey January 21, 2010

It's a bumper year for elections with Tassie, SA, Victoria and the main event -- Tony vs. Kev -- all set to get political wonks' hearts racing. Peter Brent rounds up the different battles and gives his tips for election winners.

Tasmanian health minister’s appointments under a cloud

Crikey December 8, 2009

Did Tasmania's health minister Lara Giddings take a close enough look at her department secretary's resume? asks Margaretta Pos. He used to head one of the most controversial hospitals in the UK.

How a drunken prank became a major political story with flare

Crikey October 14, 2009 1 Comment

How a minor drunken prank escalated into a major Tasmanian political story may be as good as topic as any to kick off the journalists union’s Future of Journalism forum in Hobart on Thursday night, writes Bob Burton.

“I thought about pizza”: a poem by Tim Holding, on the occasion of his rescue

Crikey September 4, 2009 3 Comments

On Feathertop Mountain -- to be sung as a Tom Waits dirge.

Tasmania tries the luck of the Irish, cashes up call centre

Greg Barns August 24, 2009 2 Comments

Mr Bartlett, facing diving opinion polls and a general election early next year, will hand over $3.5 million of Tasmanian taxpayers’ money to Vodafone so that it retains its call centre near Hobart.

Tasmanian Labor’s ultralite lobbying code

Crikey August 17, 2009

The Bartlett government has opted for a lobbyists' registration system that will rank amongst the weakest in the world, writes Bob Burton.