April, 2016

Poll Bludger: subs take election threat to the NXT level

, Apr 27, 2016

Why is the government suddenly committing to submarines to be built in South Australia?

Shipbuilder in naval battle over election stand-off

, Apr 26, 2016

Is someone who works for a government business enterprise in public or private sector employment? A test case in South Australia is headed to the Fair Work Commission, writes 's Tom Richardson.

Fat, inbred, InDaily readers only a mother could love: SA pollie on public servants

, Apr 15, 2016

Inbred, fat, abnormal and InDaily readers: that's the extraordinary connection made by a South Australian Liberal MP in his latest spray at the political class in this state, writes InDaily editor David Washington.

Meet the candidates looking to take the NXT step

, Apr 05, 2016

After a year-long process and psychometric testing, the Nick Xenophon Team has assembled.

Essential: state governments all lead but Xenophon’s on the march

, Apr 04, 2016

State governments in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia all lead their oppositions in the latest state polling figures from Essential Report.

State income tax: a good idea, except for South Australia and Tasmania

, Mar 30, 2016

State income taxes might attract the economic purists, but they'll be bad news for smaller, poorer states like South Australian and Tasmanian.

Weatherill needs to get his Keating on

, Mar 07, 2016

Does Jay Weatherill have it in him to claw back some SA seats from the Liberals? InDaily's Tom Richardson reports.

Should South Australia store nuclear waste?

, Feb 22, 2016

Is a nuclear waste dump in South Australia a good idea? Crikey intern Zara McDonald explains the debate.

The silent threat that keeps Jay Weatherill up at night

, Feb 15, 2016

The biggest threat to Jay Weatherill's re-election isn't the jobless rate or the economy, writes InDaily journalist Tom Richardson.

‘Weatherill is declaring open warfare’: state and federal Labor in GST standoff

, Feb 02, 2016

Federal Labor is in a stoush with the South Australian government over the GST, writes InDaily's Tom Richardson.

An incorrect death certificate and the irrefutability of bureaucratic bastardry

, Jan 25, 2016

A terrible tragedy has highlighted not only a shameful loophole in South Australia's laws but an irrefutable and troubling truth about bureaucracy in this state, writes Tom Richardson.

What the hell is the SA Liberal leader doing?

, Jan 14, 2016

Steven Marshall's shadow cabinet reshuffle has left InDaily journalist Tom Richardson scratching his head.

If you can’t be with the govt you love, love the one you’re with

, Jan 13, 2016

Most voters seem pretty content with their current state leaders, according to Essential.

The life of John Bannon, a martyr but no milksop

, Dec 14, 2015

Former South Australian premier John Bannon was, above all, a citizen, writes freelance journalist Michael Jacobs.
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Xenophon Team assembles, but Nick nicks off

, Oct 27, 2015

Candidates have put their hands up for the new Nick Xenophon Team, but the party leader himself was not present, due to a "software glitch" with his diary. InDaily's Tom Richardson reports.
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Poll Bludger: why Nick Xenophon has the major parties trembling in their boots

, Aug 05, 2015

Why is the government so terribly concerned with South Australia? One independent senator is making an awful lot of trouble for the major parties ...
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Rundle: in Walsh’s death, a private act of mourning becomes a media event

, Jul 06, 2015

Mourning is a private affair, but we have turned it into a ghastly media spectacle.
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Farewell to Phil Walsh from an Adelaide who loved him

, Jul 06, 2015

A tragedy of this kind has not struck the AFL community before, with no one quite sure how to process it, writes InDaily's Tom Richardson
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Did the media break the law in reporting on Phil Walsh’s death?

, Jul 03, 2015

The media -- and police -- were quick to say that the Adelaide Crows coach had been "murdered", and that his son was a suspect. Was that legal?
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Fairfax sacks 35 more as redundancy train hits SA

, Jul 02, 2015

First New South Wales, Victoria, and now South Australia. There's no stopping Fairfax's NewsNow train, report Myriam Robin and Sally Whyte.