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Mike Rann: tweet or die

Crikey July 20, 2009

I started using Twitter earlier this year, writes SA Premier Mike Rann. Why? Essentially, because I rarely saw young people at my street corner and town hall meetings.

Another spin of the wheel for SA Libs

Another spin of the wheel for SA Libs

Charles Richardson July 9, 2009

Not much has changed in South Australia since Chris Kenny described the state's politics 12 years ago as "Melrose Place on ugly pills".

News flash: Another Lib leader bites the dust

Charles Richardson July 6, 2009 2 Comments

SA's opposition leader has Martin Hamilton-Smith announced his resignation. Whoever replaces him faces an uphill battle.

Sunday Mail: 64-36 to SA Labor (in Adelaide, that is)

William Bowe June 28, 2009

Adelaide's News Ltd Sunday Mail today carries a poll with a small sample of 483 showing state Labor with a two-party lead of 64-36 among Adelaide voters. A poll that roughly reflects the status quo, says William Bowe.

Gay Labor MP to Rudd: “let me marry”

Crikey June 18, 2009

In South Australian parliament, openly gay Labor MLC Ian Hunter has implored PM Rudd to change Australia's laws: "I can't marry the person I love, not in my own country."

SA & WA Newspolls: Rann and Barnett on top

Possum Comitatus May 21, 2009

Sometime back yonder, the latest South Australian and WA Newspoll State politics quarterly estimates were released onto the Newspoll public database. Here's what they're saying.

SA bagged no more

Crikey May 4, 2009

South Australia will ban the use of thin, one-use plastic bags this month. South Australia is the first state in Australia to instigate such a ban and retailers face fines of up to $5,000 for failing to comply.

SA Labor government: “screws civil rights”

Crikey April 6, 2009

New legislation presently consuming our country under the guise of anti-biker laws is no more than a deliberate attempt to destroy our civil rights, writes Mark Aldridge.