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Sorry Mike, but your integrity counts. We need to know

Eric Beecher November 24, 2009 103 Comments

Like many politicians, Mike Rann has been perfectly happy to exploit his private life when it suited him. Yet the moment there's a hint of sex, he suddenly demands silence.

It comes down to this: one of them is lying

Crikey November 24, 2009 11 Comments

Forget the tryst. It's inconsequential compared with this. Did Mike Rann the truth, or did he lie, asks Hendrik Gout?

Mike Rann is fighting for his life

Crikey November 23, 2009 79 Comments

Last night, Sunday Night broadcast a report in which a former Parliament House barmaid gave lurid descriptions of a sexual relationship with SA Premier Mike Rann. Can he survive? asks Hendrik Gout.

Three cheers for Channel Seven, time for Mike Rann to resign

Stephen Mayne November 23, 2009 22 Comments

Last week was arguably the second most dramatic time a state premier has contacted Kerry Stokes attempting to stop a potentially career-ending story from going to air.

National Water Commission report: going backwards on environmental management

Bernard Keane October 13, 2009 2 Comments

The National Water Commission’s report on water reform may be one of the most dispiriting government reports ever compiled. River systems are collapsing and regional communities suffering.

The last Democrat resigns

Andrew Bartlett October 8, 2009

The sole remaining Australian Democrat MP, David Winderlich, has resigned from the party. It's just another sign of the party's decline, says former Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett; maybe it's time to wind things up.

Rann’s happy family pics care of The Advertiser

Greg Barns October 7, 2009 9 Comments

The idea of today's breathtaking act of media manipulation in The Advertiser is to take the heat off Mr Rann over a messy story involving the Premier, a man who allegedly attacked him last week at a function and the man’s former wife.

Bruises, gossip and wives: the juicy side of SA politics

Crikey October 6, 2009

SA Premier Mike Rann was left with facial bruising after an alleged assault and now the rumour mill is pumping because the Premier was friends with his attacker's wife. Will the gossip affect Rann's leadership chances?

SA Libs ban cussing: “Sir Robert Menzies didn’t swear”

Crikey July 27, 2009

South Australia's new Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond explains why she's banned swearing at Liberal party meetings.

SA still imports thinkers. Why?

SA still imports thinkers. Why?

Crikey July 20, 2009

The SA Government's Thinkers-in-Residence scheme imports foreign "thinkers" (mainly university intellectuals) to stay in Adelaide. Intellectual cringe has replaced cultural cringe, writes Stephen Orr.