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The 2010 Aussie election bonanza: a form guide

Crikey January 21, 2010

It's a bumper year for elections with Tassie, SA, Victoria and the main event -- Tony vs. Kev -- all set to get political wonks' hearts racing. Peter Brent rounds up the different battles and gives his tips for election winners.

An interview with (now) independent SA MP David Winderlich

Bob Gosford January 18, 2010

Bob Gosford sits down for a chat with South Australian independent David Winderlich to discuss what it was like to resign from the Democrats, the state of democracy in South Australia and the German meaning of 'Winderlich'.

Armstrong and Rann, the Tour Down Under funder

Armstrong and Rann, the Tour Down Under funder

Bob Gosford January 18, 2010 30 Comments

With eight weeks to go to the next election, SA Premier Mike Rann is doing his best to distract the South Australia masses with a party that runs right up to election day, also known as the cycling Tour Down Under.

Arty farts in uproar: culture isn’t just in the eye of the benefactor

Crikey January 15, 2010

Art gallery directors are begging, pleading and quitting over the lack of funding being made by state governments to their state cultural institutions. With funds drying up and art seen as charity, we're becoming a second-rate culture, writes John McDonald.

While not a Rann-away win, Labor looks safe in SA

William Bowe January 11, 2010 2 Comments

Despite Premier Mike Rann's recent sex scandal, the odds remain stacked in Labor's favour in the next South Australian election, reports William Bowe.

The letter Mike Rann should have sent Rudd

Crikey January 8, 2010

SA Premier Mike Rann penned a letter this week to PM Kevin Rudd demanding a share of the floodwater that NSW was receiving. Too little, too late, says SA Lib Senator Simon Birmingham, who offered an alternative letter of what Rann should say to Rudd.

Downer: Stop looking to the government to fix things

Crikey January 4, 2010

Residents need to stop thinking that the State Government can solve their problems, writes Alexander Downer. State governments do not have the resources, therefore it's up to locals to take action with issues like water.

Newspoll: 53-47 to Labor in sexy SA

William Bowe December 17, 2009

In the first Newspoll since the Mike Rann sex scandal became public, the SA ALP's vote is down 4 points to an alarming 37%. Just four months out from the election, can Rann hold onto his high personal approval ratings?

Labor breathes a sigh of relief

Crikey December 11, 2009

The South Australian ALP can now rest easy until the State election, with new polling showing even Mike Rann's recent sex scandal hasn't put a dent in their impenetrable lead, writes Greg Kelton.

Sex sells? Labor up in SA

William Bowe December 11, 2009

Exactly 100 days out from the March election, a poll by the Adelaide Advertiser has found Labor's lead increased in the wake of the Mike Rann sex allegations, up up from 55-45 to 57-43, reports William Bowe.