October, 2017

The human cost of the space industry in Australia

, Oct 11, 2017

Australia's space aspirations have often been in lockstep with the development of weapon technology, and indigenous Australians have often paid the price for such endeavours, finds freelance writer and Adelaide-based researcher Ann Deslandes.

Poll Bludger: how Nick Xenophon could end the two-party political system

, Oct 09, 2017

Nick Xenophon stands poised to unleash his full powers of disruption at the South Australian election in March.
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The many publicity stunts of Nick Xenophon

, Oct 06, 2017

Outgoing federal Senator Nick Xenophon was a master at the political photo opp.

Xenophon state shift will shake up politics in the rustbelt

, Oct 06, 2017

Nick Xenophon has a real chance of inflicting major damage on both the Labor and Liberal parties when he takes them on next year at the South Australian state election.

Are Victoria and NSW really going to be forced to start fracking?

, Oct 02, 2017

Is the Commonwealth Grants Commission about to force states like NSW and Victoria to let rip with fracking? Not quite. But it's an intriguing idea.

If marriage equality doesn’t wreck the government, NBN or Murray-Darling disasters might

, Aug 03, 2017

If things weren't already terrible for the government on marriage equality, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are front and centre in two other big problems.

SA Liberals, much like their federal counterparts, are on the brink of factional war

, Jul 13, 2017

Insiders have warned victory for the wets' will be short-lived, with one insisting “a factional war is definitely coming”, writes InDaily political journalist Tom Richardson.

‘Woman problem’ plagues Liberals around the country

, May 22, 2017

SA's Liberal leader concedes it's a "fact" that women are under-represented in the Liberal ranks. But he also says it's as important to promote candidates who represent a broader cross-section of society -- regardless of gender. InDaily journalist Tom Richardson reports.

Poll Bludger: the accidental overnight success of Cory Bernardi

, Apr 26, 2017

Cory Bernardi was headed for electoral disaster with his one-man Australian Conservative band. But with the help of Family First, he could become a force to be reckoned with.

How the mining industry parasites helped destroy good energy policy

, Mar 15, 2017

We're abandoning good policymaking in Australia and parasites like the mining industry are to blame.

The Shoppies’ last-ditch crusade to rule South Australia

, Feb 20, 2017

South Australia is the last bastion of Shoppies domination, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly.

God help us: Bob Day could join forces with Bernardi for bible-bashing super group

, Feb 08, 2017

Day is a long-time friend and ideological soulmate of the South Australian firebrand Senator, writes InDaily journalist Tom Richardson.

Feral Bernardi makes Turnbull’s rotten 2017 a lot worse

, Feb 06, 2017

A Cory Bernardi defection couldn't come at a worse time for Malcolm Turnbull, who has had a rough start to 2017. But it wouldn't necessarily be all bad.

‘It’s going to be chaos’: SA Labor braces for rumoured cabinet reshuffle

, Jan 12, 2017

South Australia's Premier denies he's thinking about a cabinet reshuffle, but ministers are getting nervous, writes InDaily political journalist Tom Richardson

‘ABC Adelaide’ loses legal bid, but suits in Sydney vow to fight on

, Jan 10, 2017

The ABC's Adelaide radio station yesterday announced it was celebrating changing its name from 891 ABC to "ABC Adelaide", but its Sydney bosses are promising a legal fight to allow it use its preferred option: ABC Radio Adelaide, writes InDaily editor David Washington.

You can run, Cory, but you can’t hide from electoral reality

, Dec 22, 2016

Cory Bernardi's fantasy of forming a new conservative political party faces a grim electoral reality that it's an already highly contested market.

Polling shows state Labor rampant on the east coast

, Dec 21, 2016

State-based polling shows Labor performing strongly in the eastern states, and One Nation and NXT well placed in Queensland and South Australia.

Stubborn Weatherill risks fallout from nuclear referendum

, Nov 15, 2016

Significant opposition from all sides hasn't been enough to deter the Premier, write InDaily journalists Tom Richardson and Bension Siebert.

Citizens’ jury decision spells nuclear disaster for Weatherill

, Nov 07, 2016

The citizens' jury bombshell has left Jay Weatherill facing an unwinnable political conundrum, writes InDaily senior reporter Tom Richardson. And either way, he will have to abandon one of two projects most closely associated with his premiership.

Manufacturing consent for SA’s nuclear program

, Nov 03, 2016

The SA government has turned to a "citizen's jury" to manufacture trust in its nuclear policy. But the process is far from independent, writes University of Adelaide politics lecturer Benito Cao.