October, 2017

Are Victoria and NSW really going to be forced to start fracking?

, Oct 02, 2017

Is the Commonwealth Grants Commission about to force states like NSW and Victoria to let rip with fracking? Not quite. But it's an intriguing idea.

Rundle: Fed Square’s censorship of Adani protesters is bad news for Vic Labor

, Sep 21, 2017

The management of Federation Square's decision to censor a political rally held by the "Stop Adani" movement will hurt Labor in Victoria.

Australia’s archaic abortion laws harming women

, Aug 22, 2017

Heather Douglas (Professor of Law, University of Queensland) and Caroline de Costa (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, James Cook University) investigate a recent case of a woman being charged with illegally aborting her own pregnancy and question what was gained by this absurd process.

How much you’re paying for Adani’s polluting mine to save Turnbull and Palaszczuk’s jobs

, Jun 07, 2017

It wasn't so long ago we were told it would cost too much to save jobs in car manufacturing, now we're spending even more per job on a mine that will damage the Great barrier Reef.

Poll Bludger: why Qld Labor backed Adani’s coal mine despite voter backlash

, Jun 07, 2017

Adani's wildly controversial $16.5 billion Carmichael coal mine project in central Queensland is the latest in a long line of issues putting Labor at risk of dividing two key supporter bases.

Inland rail will make its $8 billion back, government says

, May 25, 2017

Contradicting earlier reports, the government now says the proposed inland rail line will make back all of the whopping $8.4 billion that will be spent on a line through inland NSW.

Turnbull’s infrastructure plans built on shaky ground, but escape proper scrutiny

, May 24, 2017

There's no evidence we're getting infrastructure spending or decision-making right at the Commonwealth level.

Poll Bludger: despite shifting public attitudes on abortion, criminalisation remains in Qld, NSW

, May 15, 2017

To the extent that abortion’s technical status as a criminal offence remains, it's clearly the case that the law is running behind public opinion.

Poll Bludger: One Nation legal woes spell electoral trouble for LNP

, May 01, 2017

The prospect of a One Nation crossbench delivering power to the LNP in Queensland is rapidly diminishing.

Will Turnbull pander to Adani with a $900m loan?

, Apr 12, 2017

The Turnbull government appears set to expand its rampant protectionism by handing nearly a billion dollars to Adani, while urban infrastructure projects with much greater benefits go begging.

One Nation keeps WA party constitution a secret as former candidates fume

, Mar 31, 2017

Crikey is aware that no member or candidate was provided with a copy of the constitution for the WA branch of One Nation upon joining the body, writes freelance journalist Tom Ravlic.

Qld Labor’s factional players spar with ‘rogue’ MP Jo-Ann Miller

, Mar 28, 2017

The question now is: will the locally popular Jo-Ann Miller be able to heal the rift within the Queensland Left and move forward in a positive light? Labor insider Ben Chiefly reports.

Ipswich looms as litmus test for One Nation’s success or failure in Queensland

, Mar 24, 2017

New electoral boundaries in Queensland make predicting the successes of Labor, the LNP and One Nation complicated, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly.

Liberals in crisis: Nats with poor memories fail to secure the flanks

, Mar 22, 2017

The Nationals have forgotten the lessons from the 1990s about fighting One Nation, and it will harm the Liberal Party in the long term, Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor write.

Croc wars: the case for culling

, Mar 20, 2017

It is no surprise that the debate around whether or not we should “manage” croc populations re-ignites when attacks like this take place, writes Crikey intern Isabelle Amy.
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One Nation micromanages candidate accounts, on the hunt for dissidents and suppressive persons

, Mar 09, 2017

Pauline Hanson's One Nation demands an extraordinary level of control over its candidates, including kicking candidates off their own Facebook pages and demands that they cull their followers lists to approved people only, writes freelance journalist Tom Ravlic.

Critical seats for Palaszczuk government

, Mar 06, 2017

Post redistribution, no area is more critical for the Palaszczuk government than the Gold Coast, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly.

Poll Bludger: is One Nation going to take over the Qld govt?

, Feb 27, 2017

Several interesting political developments have converged on Queensland to create the perfect storm ahead of the next state election.

Queensland shock’s cabinet reshuffle shows factional sands are shifting

, Feb 10, 2017

Most considered Mark Furner was not even in the running for a cabinet position, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly. But his defection to Labor Forum was incredibly stealth.

Hinchliffe resignation leaves Palaszczuk mulling her factional options

, Feb 07, 2017

Stirling Hinchliffe has fallen on his sword following the Queensland Rail scandal, but who is coming down the track to replace him? Labor insider Ben Chiefly reports.