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The Liberal Party’s long history of playing the race card

Crikey April 6, 2009

Despite Joe Hockey’s indignant posturing over the weekend, the fact is that the Liberal Party has used race over the past two decades for its own political advantage, writes Greg Barns.

G20 done, Rudd’s recession rubber hits the road

Bernard Keane April 6, 2009

Rudd’s inclusiveness is in part a political weapon to isolate the Coalition from the mainstream, writes Bernard Keane.

SA Labor government: “screws civil rights”

Crikey April 6, 2009

New legislation presently consuming our country under the guise of anti-biker laws is no more than a deliberate attempt to destroy our civil rights, writes Mark Aldridge.

Where is the OHS report into Beaconsfield disaster?

Crikey April 6, 2009

Since the 2006 rockfall at Beaconsfield Mine in Tasmania, the public has received limited information, writes Kevin Jones.

Portrait of a paranoid: An insider’s account of the Latham years

Crikey April 6, 2009

As chief of staff to Mark Latham, Mike Richards had a front row seat from which to observe the Labor leader's behavior first hand. Here, in full for the first time, he paints a portrait of a narcissistic and self destructive loner.

The ugliest Budget in decades way behind schedule

Bernard Keane April 6, 2009

The Budget process is significantly behind schedule, according to sources in the Canberra bureaucracy, delayed by the continuing collapse in revenue projections and the need to find all possible savings, writes Bernard Keane.

The week of yellow peril

Crikey April 6, 2009

This week, Australian politics was overshadowed by the sinister spectre of Chinese communism.

High Court rejects challenge to $900 bonus payment

Crikey April 3, 2009

Australia's $42 billion recession-fighting stimulus package has survived a court challenge. Cue rejoicing on the streets.

Kevin Rudd: the PM who can do no wrong

Bernard Keane April 3, 2009

Empathy for politicians from the public is invariably scarce, and yet here are talkback callers putting themselves in Rudd’s position and supporting his behaviour, writes Bernard Keane.

The Ellis view: Kevin Rudd the Chinese lesbian

Crikey April 3, 2009

ALP wordsmith Bob Ellis appears to have outdone himself with a biting salvo at the PM’s “muscular timidity” in the latest edition of Overland magazine, writes Andrew Crook.