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No fairy floss, no show, for NT kids under income management

Sophie Black July 23, 2009 7 Comments

Thousands of Aboriginal Territorians, half of whose income is controlled through income quarantining and management, won’t be able to access money through their Basic Cards to get into the Royal Darwin Show this week.

Federal Court grants ACC access to indigenous kids’ medical files

Crikey July 10, 2009

A full bench of the Federal Court today ruled that the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) must take the interests of Indigenous children into account when investigating child abuse in Indigenous communities, writes Henri Ivrey.

Hope and concern jostle as times change for CDEPs

Crikey July 1, 2009 1 Comment

The East Kimberley CDEP is bracing for the awkward fallout of change, writes Kayt Davies.

Miaili, Rembarrnga, Ngalakgan, Dalabon, Jawoyn: save these languages

Bob Gosford June 30, 2009

We nurse a deep failure to appreciate the value of Australia’s unique linguistic diversity and the lost opportunities resulting from an entrenched “deep monolingualism”.

“Bad luck” NT court decision: white defendant, black victim

“Bad luck” NT court decision: white defendant, black victim

Greg Barns June 24, 2009 15 Comments

The plight of the Aboriginal person in the Northern Territory legal system is truly awful -- and that goes for victims of crime as well as defendants.

Fluffy: Camp Dog of the Week

Bob Gosford June 19, 2009

Meet Fluffy, Bob Gosford's Dog of the Week.

Marion Scrymgour just changed black politics forever

Marion Scrymgour just changed black politics forever

Chris Graham June 5, 2009 7 Comments

In politics, it seems, you can justify almost anything; being an Aboriginal member of the Labor or Liberal Party is no longer one of them, given Marion Scrymgour's recent exit from the Labor Party in NT.

One thing is black and white, NT Labor’s time is up

Crikey June 5, 2009 1 Comment

While many of the failures of Labor in the NT have been felt by the wider NT electorate, it is no coincidence that Henderson’s government has been brought to its knees by an Aboriginal woman, writes Bob Gosford.

How Scrymgour and homelands might undo NT Labor

Bob Gosford June 2, 2009 2 Comments

Marion Scrymgour has had a Damascene conversion that recent NT government policies on blackfellas have been built on lies and deception.

Samson and Delilah under the stars in Alice Springs

Crikey April 27, 2009

The Telegraph Station was an appropriate setting for a film that expresses so much about the communication gap at the heart of this country, writes Elli Rennie.