A new NT Government by Friday — the fix is in at 4 o’clock today

August 10, 2009 7

Today an extraordinary sitting of the NT Legislative Assembly will begin the inevitable process of knocking Paul Henderson’s sorry failure of a Labor government on the head.

Alice camps injunction is down to Macklin

Alice camps injunction is down to Macklin

August 7, 2009 10

The Federal Court has delayed acquisition of Alice Springs town camps. Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin should have seen this coming.

NT ALP moves into election mode

August 7, 2009

The Northern Territory government has switched into election mode, as it faces the very real prospect that the Territory will go back to the polls following the exit of renegade MP Alison Anderson.

Up to their ankles in sewage, a remote community’s patience runs out

August 5, 2009 28

The NT community of Ampilatwatja is overrun with raw sewage, and with complete inaction from the government, the residents have finally cracked.

Territory set to sail uncharted constitutional waters

August 5, 2009

The upheaval in the Northern Territory government could result in the first constitutional test of Australia's move to fixed-term Parliaments, says the ABC's resident wonk Antony Green. Will the NT ALP sit it out until 2012, or play some tricky numbers games to wrangle an early election?

Robinson: Anderson was a ticking time-bomb

August 5, 2009

NT Minister Alison Anderson's explosive exit from the state's parliament yesterday was inevitable, says Natasha Robinson: the "bolshie" Anderson was never going to last "watching the machine grind on as her family struggled in poverty".

Anderson quits, NT government on the brink

August 4, 2009 16

The ALP may have lost the numbers in the NT parliament, after Minister for Indigenous Policy, Alison Anderson, walked out on her cabinet post this afternoon.

Macklin’s town camp takeover derailed by big guns

July 31, 2009 3

Within 24 hours of Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin's announcement, the town camp takeover had well and truly derailed.

There’s no Alice town camps deal, not now and not likely

July 30, 2009 2

The truth is, the battle for the Alice Springs town camps is just beginning, despite Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin's latest deal.

Racism is a blanket in Alice Springs

July 29, 2009 33

Alice Springs town council is proposing a range of new powers; all pointed to one end: tackling anti-social behaviour. Except, it includes throwing out blankets used by homeless people...