September, 2016

The NT electoral system is a joke, but can Hare-Clark fix it?

, Sep 22, 2016

The Northern Territory needs proportional representation to end the ongoing farce.

Suppliers of Don Dale tear gas revealed

, Sep 16, 2016

The companies that provided tear gas to the controversial Don Dale detention centre have been revealed, writes freelance journalist John Power.

The Northern Territory is a failed experiment

, Sep 14, 2016

In 1978, the Commonwealth imposed an inappropriate model of self-government for a polity of the Territory’s size and stage of development, writes lawyer and legal academic at Charles Darwin University Ken Parish.

‘Malignant grief’: doctor speaks about his battle against indigenous suicide

, Sep 13, 2016

Murray Chapman works at the centre of a community whose heart and soul is being torn apart by suicide, writes deputy editor of Australian Doctor magazine Paul Smith.

CLP bloodbath leaves Labor in charge of NT. But now what?

, Aug 29, 2016

Michael Gunner has roundly defeated the worst government in NT history. But what will he do with the Territory?

Poll Bludger: chaotic NT govt at death’s door

, Aug 26, 2016

In the bush and in the city, Labor looks set to dominate the Country Liberal Party at the Northern Territory election tomorrow.

Kennett tries, fails to breathe life into Adam Giles’ dying govt

, Aug 15, 2016

What was Jeff Kennett doing at a launch for the NT's Country Liberal Party?

Who made Don Dale’s tear gas?

, Aug 11, 2016

Can the manufacturer of the tear gas used in Don Dale against children be held liable? Freelance journalist John Power investigates.

How did so many indigenous Australians end up in prison?

, Aug 10, 2016

When Frank Walker was in office in the early 1980s there was no heroin epidemic, no talkback radio law and order campaigns, and there were less than 4000 people in prison in NSW, writes Bob Debus.

Why all Territorians should tell the census they are indigenous

, Aug 09, 2016

Hopefully, if enough Territory whitefellas change their identification on the census form, it will eventually force the Commonwealth to provide funding based on socio-economic disadvantage and not on identity, writes Rolf Gerritsen.

‘It doesn’t have to be the Taj Mahal. It is all the little things that count’: Alison Anderson bows out

, Aug 04, 2016

Alison Anderson was always -- and remains -- a political force of nature that only a fool would underestimate or ignore.

Australia’s worst oil disaster now a massive class action

, Aug 03, 2016

For too long now, those responsible for the Montara oil spill have tried to hide behind the poverty and remoteness of their victims.

Why Mick Gooda should have been disqualified from NT royal commission

, Aug 02, 2016

To the fair-minded non-lawyer, Gooda may have prejudged some of the central issues he will now be required to consider impartially, writes lawyer Michael Bradley.

Shane Stone: I won’t apologise for mandatory sentencing

, Aug 01, 2016

The Northern Territory's justice system is far more complicated than the southern states chattering classes believe, writes former chief minister Shane Stone.

Australia has always kept its darkest abuses out of sight

, Jul 29, 2016

Britain sent its most undesirable people to a far-off land to be tortured in secret, away from British eyes. Is it any wonder we have kept up the tradition? ABC presenter and freelance writer Nick Rheinberger explains.

Giles and Scullion, two sides of a debased political coin

, Jul 27, 2016

At least Nigel Scullion was being honest in admitting he hadn't shown much interest in the Four Corners story on juvenile detention abuses in his home territory. Adam Giles was much worse.

The most shocking thing about the Four Corners footage: the abuse was legal

, Jul 27, 2016

Four Corners showed children locked in solitary confinement, physically restrailed and gassed. The worst part? It was all legal, writes Darwin lawyer Matt Punch.

A David and Goliath land rights battle rages in the Top End

, Jun 24, 2016

Nigel Scullion is at odds with Joe Morrison, CEO of the Northern Land Council, a fight that could be determined on July 2, writes Jon Altman, research professor at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation.

Sexting scandal leaves CLP exposed

, Jun 14, 2016

Many predict the outcome of the coming NT election may match the disastrous 2005 poll, when Labor won 19 seats against the CLP’s four.

The next senator for the NT will be …

, May 27, 2016

The new all-but-elected senator to replace Nova Peris will be a captain’s pick by Bill Shorten.