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How much CO2 makes a Manildra biofuel?

Bernard KeaneApr 17, 2009

A new US biofuel standard may spell trouble for the local industry.

NSW upper house succession deal turns nasty

Alex MitchellApr 17, 2009

Luke Foley maintains that he has been "dudded" by Ian Macdonald but the ALP hierarchy cannot enforce an unrecorded and private deal.

NSW anti-corruption watchdog faces unrelenting pressure

Alex MitchellApr 16, 2009

Yet another attempt has been made to re-define the meaning of "corrupt conduct" as determined by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Robert Griew: from health to education

Alex MitchellApr 15, 2009

Yet another refugee from the state public service has found himself a senior position in Kevin Rudd’s Canberra bureaucracy.

Splitting hairs to flog off NSW's prisons

CrikeyApr 9, 2009

By accepting the NSW Corrective Services portfolio, former NSW Unions secretary John Robertson has taken a poisoned chalice, writes Alex Mitchell.

Rockdale Liberals have difficulty reading and writing

CrikeyApr 7, 2009

There is something hilariously dysfunctional about some of the Liberal councillors on Rockdale City Council in south Sydney, writes Alex Mitchell.

NSW Public Service Association's sexist Facebook campaign

CrikeyApr 3, 2009

The NSW Public Service Association has hoodwinked The SMH into publishing a very high-minded story about freedom of opinion, neatly masking the fact that the union’s members have been running a dirty and s-xist campaign of abuse via the Internet.

NSW Police don't have the ticker to tackle bikies

CrikeyApr 2, 2009

It’s all very well introducing the toughest laws in the Commonwealth to combat bikie gang criminality, but who's going to enforce them? asks Alex Mitchell.

Sydney: can't plan, can't build, can't run

CrikeyMar 31, 2009

Sydney's paralysis by power failure late yesterday is a reminder of how stuffed the city's infrastructure is, writes Ben Sandilands.

How can we trust NSW with anti-bikie laws?

CrikeyMar 30, 2009

When governments are given extraordinary powers, particularly those which allow for the proscribing of individuals and organizations, they invariably abuse them, writes Greg Barns.

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