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New South Wales

Local democracy on trial in Sydney's boroughs

Alex MitchellMay 29, 2009

Two Sydney communities with vastly different demographics were the scene of anger meltdowns this week over the common issue of local democracy.

Will 'Marinergate' be the last straw that breaks Belinda Neal?

Andrew CrookMay 28, 20094 Comments

Crikey understands a bitter row, annoyingly dubbed “Marinergate” by insiders, is brewing between Central Coast ratepayers and two cash-strapped local councils.

Convicted rapists Bilal and Mohammed Skaf caught with mobiles in cell

Alex MitchellMay 28, 20093 Comments

Two mobile phones have been found in the prison cell of convicted NSW rapists Bilal and Mohammed Skaf, causing a major security scare at Goulburn Jail, writes Alex Mitchell.

Newsagents bid to buy NSW Lotteries

Alex MitchellMay 27, 2009

Newsagencies in NSW are worried about forthcoming privatisation of NSW Lotteries, so they’ve decided to put in a bid themselves.

Barry O'Farrell's Sydney electorate under planning gun

Alex MitchellMay 26, 20092 Comments

The Labor Government is moving on Sydney's North Shore with a new plan to blitz the area’s “leafy” environment by over-developing and over-populating it.

Bangaroo bust-up bad news for Rees

Glenn DyerMay 25, 2009

Buried in a newspaper story on the weekend was a disclosure that is bad news for the struggling NSW Government.

Seage: how to turn the NSW sex industry legal

by Chris SeageMay 19, 2009

It’s time for authorities to rethink the whole brothel thing and I have developed a blueprint for the industry that could be adopted in NSW and throughout Australia, writes Chris Seage.

Naked travel: Where does the money go?

by freelance travel writer Tom Neal TackerMay 18, 2009

Taxpayer funded state tourism authorities spend the dosh from one election cycle to the next, writes Tom Neal Tacker.

Can Walt Secord help NSW Labor regain direction?

Alex MitchellMay 18, 2009

Premier Bob Carr’s former spinmeister Walt Secord returned to state politics today as chief of staff to the NSW Treasurer Eric Roozendaal, writes Alex Mitchell.

Rudd-Rees "civil war" is a Sydney media fiction

Alex MitchellMay 15, 2009

Post-budget Sydney media stories that Rudd is waging a "civil war" against NSW Premier Nathan Rees, and that the two are at "loggerheads", are utter nonsense.