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New South Wales

Snowy River salvation fail

Bernard KeaneJun 11, 20092 Comments

Despite an inter-governmental agreement and the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, the Snowy River is closer to systemic failure now than it was a decade ago.

Frank Sartor for Premier in NSW: let the buffoonery begin

Alex MitchellJun 11, 20093 Comments

Alex Mitchell reports on the absurdity of NSW premiership speculation.

Debus vs Searle: NSW ALP rival sub-ghetto hatred

Alex MitchellJun 10, 20092 Comments

Bob Debus has been given the almost feudal privilege of choosing his own successor.

World Rally dictates terms to NSW government

by David Lovejoy, publisher of the Tweed Shire EchoJun 9, 20092 Comments

The people of the far north coast of NSW learned a valuable lesson recently: never get between the government and an event involving high-powered cars, writes the publisher of the Tweed Shire Echo David Lovejoy.

The brothers Fitzgibbon: the ALP writ small

Bernard KeaneJun 5, 20096 Comments

Mark Fitzgibbon, whose inability or unwillingness to stay out of his younger brother’s office led to Joel Fitzgibbon’s downfall is, as they say, no stranger to controversy.

On Planet Rees, CityRail trains run only hourly

by EcoTransit Sydney co-convenor Gavin GatenbyJun 4, 20092 Comments

An outrageous attempt to set up a spin about enthusiastic public endorsement for the metro proposals.

Politics in Sydney's barmiest borough: Rockdale

Alex MitchellJun 2, 20091 Comment

While Liberal and Labor councillors are at each other’s throats all over NSW, not so in Rockdale, where they work hand-in-glove.

Linking Rees with Orkopoulos doesn't wash

Alex MitchellJun 1, 20093 Comments

Some sections of the media are repeating highly damaging allegations that Premier Rees was involved in a Milton Orkopoulos cover-up.

Bad news for NSW ALP, especially Rees

William BoweMay 31, 2009

The Sun Herald has published a Taverner poll showing the Coalition leading 54-46 in New South Wales. There's no upside here for Leader Nathan Rees, writes William Bowe.

Local democracy on trial in Sydney's boroughs

Alex MitchellMay 29, 2009

Two Sydney communities with vastly different demographics were the scene of anger meltdowns this week over the common issue of local democracy.