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NSW Newspoll: close, but no cigar

Possum Comitatus August 19, 2009

The latest NSW State Newspoll shows a two party preferred vote of 54/46 to the Coalition -- a one point gain to the ALP. It's still grim for the government, but try as he might, Barry O’Farrell just doesn't seem to be able to drive the final stake into NSW Labor.

Barry O’Farrell sticks his neck out on donations reform

Barry O’Farrell sticks his neck out on donations reform

Crikey August 18, 2009 8 Comments

Barry O'Farrell has stuck his neck out on political donations reform, lobbyist activities and election expenditure in an attempt to make ground on Premier Rees. But his own political fundraising is under question, writes Lee Rhiannon.

Della Bosca poised to attack

Crikey August 7, 2009

NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca has been plotting the downfall of Premier Nathan Rees for several months now, according to Daily Telegraph sources -- but he'll have to get through Joe Tripodi and Eddie Obeid first.

Why are 60% of NSW juvenile inmates Aboriginal? Anyone?

Crikey August 6, 2009 5 Comments

They make up only 2.2 per cent of the NSW population, but Aboriginals now make up almost 60 per cent of all juvenile inmates. Why is this being ignored?

Sydney’s dens of decadence put thousands at risk

Crikey August 3, 2009

Unsafe sex is rife in Sydney's sex trade underbelly, potentially exposing thousands of Sydney men to STIs, writes Chris Seage.

NSW Libs at loggerheads as intra-factional action heats up

Irfan Yusuf July 28, 2009

The NSW Liberals' religious right want to roll back secularism. But if they do that, hey’ll effectively make the Party unelectable. They’ll also be answering Nathan Rees’ prayers.

End of the road for Einfeld

Crikey July 24, 2009

Marcus Einfeld, the one-time Federal Court judge whose career was undone by a speeding fine, has now been struck off the roll of legal practitioners. Read how it unravelled

Getting on your bike

Crikey July 21, 2009

In Sydney the car completely dominates. It's serious business riding to work in a city where cycleways just suddenly end, writes Margaret Rice. Melbourne is a bit kinder.

Seven years on, $15m spent: the cost of a personal injury case

Crikey July 17, 2009

The case Dr Angus Mackinnon brought against BlueScope is probably the longest and most expensive personal injury litigation in NSW's living memory, says Richard Ackland. And it goes on.

Water for sale up in NSW

Crikey Intern July 14, 2009

Both farmers and environmental experts are coming out against the NSW Government's decision to auction water licences, writes Kellie Tranter at the ABC.