May, 2017

Don’t panic, but it seems the economy is getting weaker

, May 12, 2017

Tucked away in the budget forecasts was a prediction that the economy was going to slow down significantly before picking up next year. A senior economist agrees, as Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane report.

Incarceration of speech: denying the right to protest in Australia

, May 10, 2017

Bob Brown is challenging the constitutional validity of Tasmania's protest laws -- a subject the guardians of free speech in parliament and the media have had little say about.

Could Badgerys Creek airport be built cheaper and faster? One man thinks so.

, May 10, 2017

The man behind the Wellcamp Airport says Badgerys Creek could be open after three years of hard but determined work, and for a fraction of the money.

Why we should stop Serco from taking over public housing

, Apr 28, 2017

Should public housing be privately managed? And if so, should Serco, infamous for its role in offshore detention centres, be the one doing the managing?

‘Homophobic, anti-science and frightening’ religious instruction teachers remain in NSW

, Apr 12, 2017

Some children in state schools have been told by religious instructors that cancer is the consequence of sin and a gift from God.

Poll Bludger: NSW voters vent frustrations with Turnbull at state byelections

, Apr 10, 2017

Fresh from their drubbing in Western Australia, the Liberals in New South Wales copped primary vote swings that will have the Premier shaking in her boots.
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Why Sydney’s property market is different

, Apr 05, 2017

NSW is the only state where housing hasn't kept pace with population growth, which is why its apartment boom still has a way to run.

The real danger at Punchbowl High School is the ideological deradicalisation program

, Apr 04, 2017

The debate about theoretically unsound and ideologically charged deradicalisation programs, like the one at Punchbowl High School, doesn't help students.

How a Labor powerbroker stopped a Co-op coup

, Apr 03, 2017

University students have tried and failed to expel the directors of the Co-op bookshop chain over governance concerns, writes freelance journalist Jeremy Nadel.

Joe Hockey regales Sydney with his explanation of Trump’s victory and ‘disruption’

, Mar 31, 2017

The more interesting part of the speech was the analysis of the election result.

Rundle: the problem with unis taking cash to build biased research centres

, Mar 28, 2017

Things have gone to pot at the Sydney University Centre for Identifying Americanism.

The colossal stupidity of turning a publicly owned airport into a badly run private monopoly

, Mar 07, 2017

This is not just about Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports, but the mindset shared by the Coalition and Labor parties when it comes to short-term privatisation profits versus the economic future of Australia.

Scientific proof God ignores Fred Nile’s prayers

, Mar 03, 2017

Maybe God just likes to party?

Hard to hear the truth over the whine of Sydney airport’s owners

, Feb 20, 2017

The owners of Sydney Airport are demanding government money for Badgerys Creek, and they are trying to hold Sydney for ransom.

NSW Liberals at factional fiddling while party burns

, Feb 09, 2017

Liberal factions are gearing up for what could be a nasty contest in two byelections, writes freelance journalist Claire Pullen.

NSW preselection a Manly sausage-fest with plenty of mystery meat

, Feb 06, 2017

The only woman in the race is likely to drop out, writes freelance journalist Claire Pullen.

Will Berejiklian suffer Turnbull Syndrome?

, Feb 01, 2017

Gladys Berejiklian now has a Minister for Women who does not believe women should control their own reproductive health. Is she going to be controlled by the right wing of her party? Freelance journalist Claire Pullen reports.

The Gladys Group is NSW’s new power elite

, Jan 30, 2017

The new Premier's core group of senior ministers are all long-time Berejiklian supporters.

Will Berejiklian’s deputy kill her chances?

, Jan 24, 2017

Gladys Berejiklian is a moderate politician whose views widely accord with those of voters. But her right-wing deputy could prove her electoral undoing, writes freelance journalist Claire Pullen.

Gladys Berejiklian, the unknown quantity, takes over from Teflon Mike

, Jan 23, 2017

Liberal MPs have endorsed Gladys Berejiklian as the 45th premier of NSW, the state’s seventh premier in 12 years. Here's what's up with that.