November, 2017

Mayne: how an Indigenous woman helped the Victorian Greens make history in Northcote

, Nov 20, 2017

A historic win for the Greens in the Northcote byelection came off the back of a volunteer campaign that outperformed Labor's all out blitz on the electorate. What does it mean for the Andrews government fortunes?

Why has the euthanasia debate been less feral than that of marriage equality?

, Oct 20, 2017

The battle surrounding assisted-dying legislation has been muted compared to the fist-fight that has been the push for marriage equality.

Sydney isn’t full. Its existing home owners just hate change.

, Oct 13, 2017

According to many residents, Sydney has suddenly reached capacity. But the problem isn't a physical one: it's political.

Labor says ‘yes’ to more guns and a party worse than One Nation

, Oct 12, 2017

Don't ever think NSW Labor won't seize a political opportunity over principle any day of the week.

Mean Greens fighting machine: Lee Rhiannon faces preselection insurgency

, Oct 04, 2017

If Lee Rhiannon is able to retain her spot on the Greens' Senate ticket, the result will be broadly interpreted as a severe rebuke of Richard Di Natale’s leadership and pave the way for an awkward federal campaign.

Are Victoria and NSW really going to be forced to start fracking?

, Oct 02, 2017

Is the Commonwealth Grants Commission about to force states like NSW and Victoria to let rip with fracking? Not quite. But it's an intriguing idea.

Gay Nationals candidate pilloried for his sexuality at preselection meeting

, Sep 22, 2017

The creaking Nationals are in damage control after a homophobic slur dominates preselections.

Our green spaces left to the wolves

, Sep 20, 2017

The NSW government is abandoning the public need for national parks when we need them most, writes former head of Prime Minister and Cabinet John Menadue.

What Utopia can teach us about the Federal Court’s recent coal port decision

, Sep 06, 2017

In this case, what happened in Utopia was actually less ridiculous than the real-life equivalent, writes former board member of Prime Minister and Premiers Road Reform Project Luke Fraser.

Just what is the Rule of Law Institute?

, Aug 31, 2017

Robin Speed of the Rule of Law Institute has called for the resignation of Pauline Wright of the NSW Law Society over her public support of marriage equality. But what even is the Rule of Law Institute?

Australia’s archaic abortion laws harming women

, Aug 22, 2017

Heather Douglas (Professor of Law, University of Queensland) and Caroline de Costa (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, James Cook University) investigate a recent case of a woman being charged with illegally aborting her own pregnancy and question what was gained by this absurd process.

Matthewson: is Dastyari on the comeback trail, or bushwhacking in the political wilderness?

, Aug 04, 2017

It's difficult to tell how successful, if at all, the young Senator will be at convincing the public he has rehabilitated.

If marriage equality doesn’t wreck the government, NBN or Murray-Darling disasters might

, Aug 03, 2017

If things weren't already terrible for the government on marriage equality, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are front and centre in two other big problems.

Reform win in NSW Liberals just the first step

, Jul 24, 2017

Regardless of the current political context, parties must find a way to engage their memberships. The NSW Liberals have taken a first step to do that.

Mayne: politics junkies needing an election fix? NSW has got you covered

, Jul 06, 2017

Expect Tony Abbott and a few of his factional enemies to take a keen interest in the new Northern Beaches council, and the giant Inner West council will be a fierce contest between Labor and the Greens.

Matthewson: Abbott’s push to ‘democratise’ the NSW Libs isn’t about democracy at all

, Jul 05, 2017

On its face, Tony Abbott’s call for “democratic” reform of the NSW Liberal Party seems perfectly reasonable. But only on its face ...

How we are failing mentally ill prisoners

, May 31, 2017

Prisoners are not receiving adequate mental health care, with sometimes fatal consequences.

NSW coroner is wrong to denounce psychiatrist for Lindt cafe siege

, May 26, 2017

The coroner's findings are a spectacular illustration of our culture’s unhealthy idealisation of psychiatry’s capacity to predict and, ultimately, mitigate risk, writes mental health ethics associate professor at Sydney Uni Michael Robertson.

NSW government rejects call for internet filtering, opt-in Safe Schools

, May 18, 2017

The NSW government has rejected calls to force internet filtering on the population and to make Safe Schools opt-in only.

Poll Bludger: despite shifting public attitudes on abortion, criminalisation remains in Qld, NSW

, May 15, 2017

To the extent that abortion’s technical status as a criminal offence remains, it's clearly the case that the law is running behind public opinion.