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ASIO reveals China-linked campaign to dominate Australia’s media

Bernard Keane April 2, 2009

Australia’s relationship with China is about to be rocked by revelations of a major Chinese-linked attempt to dominate Australia’s media and other cultural influences, writes Bernard Keane.

BCC: To all staff … milk is a privilege

Crikey April 2, 2009

In the first of hopefully an extended series, Crikey presents an internal email from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, & Local Government regarding ... milk.

Employment services tender process cooked by recession

Bernard Keane April 2, 2009

The Government has unexpectedly found itself with a problem consequent to the nature of the current Job network service contracts, writes Bernard Keane.

2020 anniversary passes without a word, except from Costello…

Jeff Sparrow April 2, 2009

If we don’t hold politicians to their promises, can we blame them for lying to us? Asks Jeff Sparrow.

Government advertising falls from Howard high of $180 mil

Bernard Keane March 31, 2009

The precipitate fall in Government advertising under the Rudd Government has been confirmed by the first of the Government’s reports on advertising expenditure, writes Bernard Keane.

PTSD is not the only issue for the ADF

Crikey March 31, 2009

Society has embraced the reality of war, but continues to avoid confronting that of the sexual abuse of children or the brutalisation of women, writes Michael Robertson.

Defence is simply too big for Nick Warner

Bernard Keane March 30, 2009

Of course Nick Warner is the wrong man for the job of Secretary of the Defence Department. That’s because the job is beyond any single individual, and certainly beyond any single Minister, writes Bernard Keane.

Fitzgibbon and the shadow of the Yellow Peril

Crikey March 30, 2009

Behind the Fitzgibbon debate -- and not very far behind it -- lurks the spectre of the Yellow Peril, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Comitatus: Newspoll reveals real “Yellow Peril”

Crikey March 30, 2009

The politics of Yellow Peril reeks of the political desperation it is, writes Possum Comitatus.

The Coalition’s shameful Red Scare campaign

Bernard Keane March 30, 2009

The Coalition is now in the throes of the biggest Red scare since the 1950s, writes Bernard Keane.