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Parallel this: Top Ten book prices compared

by Michael R JamesJul 14, 200921 Comments

Many words have poured forth over the imminent decision by the Productivity Commission on parallel-importation of books into Australia. Michael R. James takes a look at the actual data.

An Inconvenient Truth remains

Crikey InternJul 14, 2009

Not even Al Gore could convince Senator Fielding about climate change. The Nationals also remain unconvinced on emissions trading, writes Michelle Grattan.

Rudd hurting over Rio Tinto fiasco

Crikey InternJul 14, 2009

Why Rudd is now wishing he learnt French at school. Or Latin. Anything but Mandarin.

Abbott for PM?

Crikey InternJul 14, 2009

Is Tony Abbott's new book, Battlelines attempting to influence the the Liberal Party to a more conservative direction and set him up for future leadership? asks Phillip Coorey.

Rudd's China headache

CrikeyJul 14, 2009

Kevin Rudd is facing his first big diplomatic crisis, and unfortunately for him, it's with his BFF, China. But it's a situation entirely of his own making, says Tory Maguire.

Newspoll Tuesday: small rebounds

Possum ComitatusJul 14, 2009

Today’s Newspoll comes in with a two party preferred of 55/45 -- a 1-point gain to the Coalition since last fortnight. Possum Comitatus crunches the numbers.

Kevin07 G8 success will not stop climate change

Mungo MacCallumJul 13, 2009

Last week the crusading Kevin07 re-emerged to take what the real heavies (Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Al Gore) described as a leading role in the campaign.

China will do whatever it likes. Hu knew!

Bernard KeaneJul 13, 200920 Comments

Kevin Rudd suddenly finds himself in the firing line for failing to meet Australians’ expectations about how we should be treated overseas. But, says Bernard Keane, Australia can’t control what the Chinese do.

Media magnates split the bill on political donations

Bernard KeaneJul 13, 2009

Australia’s media proprietors have given the major political parties around $1.6m in donations in the last two years.

Australia is a well-endowed quarry. Deal with it.

CrikeyJul 13, 20093 Comments

Australia is a minor player on the world field. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it's time we stopped insisting we're anything else.