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Further terrorist attempts likely

CrikeyAug 6, 2009

Australia's involvement in the 'War on Terror' mean the Melbourne terror raids are no real surprise. But, what strategy do we need for home grown terrorists?

Lost Libs look to… Andrew Robb?

CrikeyAug 6, 2009

With Malcolm Turnbull's bungled handling of the OzCar affair and increasingly slumping approval ratings, Liberal MPs are reportedly eying former party director and "safe pair of hands" Andrew Robb as a possible replacement, according to The Oz.

John Howard on the good, the bad and the well-read

Andrew CrookAug 5, 20094 Comments

In yesterday's lecture on 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' of Australia's media, ex-PM John Howard warned of the importance of a "sceptical" media.

Godwin Grech: an incomparable disaster for the public service

Bernard KeaneAug 5, 200913 Comments

Public servant Godwin Grech's actions in the Utegate scandal went so far beyond the red line of acceptable behaviour as to put him in a world of his own.

Grech and Abetz: stacking up the statements

CrikeyAug 5, 20094 Comments

How do Godwin Grech’s planned questions -- and answers -- on the OzCar affair compare to the actual words that Eric Abetz used?

Up to their ankles in sewage, a remote community’s patience runs out

Chris GrahamAug 5, 200928 Comments

The NT community of Ampilatwatja is overrun with raw sewage, and with complete inaction from the government, the residents have finally cracked.

Turnbull’s ego is at the heart of Utegate backfire

Bernard KeaneAug 5, 200938 Comments

Malcolm Turnbull’s argument that he was the victim of a public servant who had quietly gone off the deep end is sound, but the problem lies in how he handled the affair once it blew up in his face.

Liberal Rule: historical epoch or chapter of accidents?

Charles RichardsonAug 5, 2009

Despite what you may have seen on SBS series Liberal Rule, the rise and fall of the Howard government did not represent big shifts in national sentiment, writes Charles Richardson.

Australia: land of 150 economies

Possum ComitatusAug 5, 2009

What has the GFC done to the Australian economy? That depends where you live, says Possum Comitatus. The maps tell the story.

Utegate, as told by LOLcats

CrikeyAug 5, 2009

Finding the whole Utegate debacle confusing? Let the LOLcats and a variety of witty furry animals explain the saga to you.