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Government to blame for Commonwealth Bank rate rise

CrikeyJun 15, 2009

Joe Hockey is right that Friday’s unprompted rate rise from the Commonwealth is the Government’s fault -- though not, unfortunately, for the reason he suggests.

Grattan: Costello and Gillard -- will they fight for leadership?

CrikeyJun 15, 2009

Peter Costello, who leaves Friday or Saturday for Israel (with allies Pyne and Brandis in tow), won't say whether he intends to end speculation about his future in Higgins before or after the trip.

Signs of an ALP good news boost

Possum ComitatusJun 15, 2009

Roy Morgan have released a new telephone poll, giving a two party preferred of 57.5/42.5 to Labor -- a 2.5% increase to the ALP since the last poll.

What is the meaning of Rudd?

CrikeyJun 15, 2009

Is it nostalgia or lack of an alternative? Michael Gawenda (and dog) meditate on the source of Kevin Rudd's popularity which is often hard to nail.

Talking the town: Turnbull tales and Gillard among the chosen

Margot SavilleJun 12, 20093 Comments

Julia Gillard has revealed that she relaxes by reading “very bad” detective novels, walking on the beach and “going out to dinner with friends, the usual things,” writes Margot Saville.

Julia takes aim at The Lodge

Alex MitchellJun 12, 20094 Comments

This will become known as the week that Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard began her ascent on The Lodge, writes Alex Mitchell.

Indonesia's revenge for the burning of their boats

by Lionel ElmoreJun 12, 20094 Comments

Indonesia is sending sends a clear message to Fisheries Minister Tony Burke -- stop treating our fishermen as criminals, writes Lionel Elmore.

Fair shake of that sauteed tomato preserve in a bottle

Fair shake of that sauteed tomato preserve in a bottle

Bernard KeaneJun 12, 200946 Comments

The language and communication skills of our politicians don’t receive sufficient attention from the political media in Australia, reckons Bernard Keane. He assesses Rudd's week of saucy attempts at speechifying.

Latham lambasted for "meathead" diggers comment

CrikeyJun 12, 2009

From the grave, Latham has unburdened himself in the AFR on everything from Therese Rein ("less than glamorous") to "meathead" diggers and their "limited intelligence". He has been widely condemned.

Taking the piss -- feds pay for urinal ads

CrikeyJun 12, 2009

So-called "pee and see" stickers are being funded by the government -- aka the taxpayers -- to the to tune of $1.5 million to encourage people to put on a condom.

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