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Peter Costello moves further into deficit

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 20095 Comments

You have to wonder just how delusional -- seriously delusional -- Peter Costello now is.

Budget coverage can't predict the future

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 20095 Comments

Most of the Budget had already been leaked so is it even worth turning up?

Faulty cancer kits means results flawed

Faulty cancer kits means results flawed

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

Faulty bowel cancer testing kits provided by the federal government mean that nearly half a million people will need to undergo home testing again to confirm they do not have bowel cancer.

The Crikey Budget Liveblog

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

From 7pm tonight, join Crikey's all star Budget team -- John Quiggin, Chris Berg, Eva Cox, "Peter Costello", Bernard Keane and First Dog on the Moon -- for a discussion of Budget 09.

Pre-Budget poll: Labor's streaks ahead

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

A narrowing trend in recent federal polling has come to an abrupt halt with this week’s Essential Research survey, which shows Labor’s lead blowing out from 57-43 to 61-39. Poll Bludger reports.

As we wait for Budget 09, the sharemarket falls

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

Investors bracing for a tough budget clearly got wedding day jitters Tuesday afternoon, with shares falling 1.2% after a sell off in global equity and commodities.

Wayne Swan's Budget day message

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

In case all the leaks forecasting a tough Budget weren't enough to warn the public, Treasurer Swan takes out an opinion page in The Oz.

Wong and Rudd present ETS Plan B

Mungo MacCallumMay 11, 2009

Rudd must now be regretting he left the climate change debate to languish on the backburner for so long.

What does health reform have in common with the ETS?

by Ian HickieMay 11, 2009

The signals are that fundamental health reform is seen as too complex, wrapped in too many uncertainties and too likely to upset powerful interests in difficult times, writes Ian Hickie.

Whoops, how did that budget leak get there?

Bernard KeaneMay 11, 20091 Comment

Next time the Government cops a bad break, or you think the press is being unfair to it, keep in mind just how tightly-controlled it has been in the last week.

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