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Latham lambasted for "meathead" diggers comment

CrikeyJun 12, 2009

From the grave, Latham has unburdened himself in the AFR on everything from Therese Rein ("less than glamorous") to "meathead" diggers and their "limited intelligence". He has been widely condemned.

Taking the piss -- feds pay for urinal ads

CrikeyJun 12, 2009

So-called "pee and see" stickers are being funded by the government -- aka the taxpayers -- to the to tune of $1.5 million to encourage people to put on a condom.

Australia's racist underbelly

CrikeyJun 11, 2009

We may practise it politely, but, as recent attacks on Indian students show, Australia is still a racist country, says Bruce Haigh -- and nothing will change until Rudd attempts to reverse some of the damage done by the Howard era.

Danby to Dowding: Gillard has never been duped into anything

by Federal Member for Melbourne Ports Michael DanbyJun 11, 20097 Comments

Peter Dowding sees the forthcoming visit of Julia Gillard to Israel as part of a dastardly Zionist plot engineered by me and others to dupe the Deputy PM into compliance with Israeli policies, writes Federal Member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby.

Why we need effective regulation of naturopaths

CrikeyJun 11, 2009

An astounding 1 in 6 Australians now rely on complementary therapists as their primary care practitioner. Naturopathy needs better independent regulation and fast, writes Jon Wardle.

Love and hate: Australia and Indonesia [PDF]

CrikeyJun 10, 2009

Australia's relationship with Indonesia is not what it used to be. Howard Dick explains how this is both a good and bad thing.

Australia's solar industry left in the shade

by Laurie Mallia, a member of the Clean Energy Council Solar PV DirectorateJun 10, 20091 Comment

The solar sector will soon overtake Germany’s car industry as the nation’s number one employer. And Germany only gets half as much sunshine as Australia. So why is our solar industry treated so shabbily? asks Laurie Mallia.

Looking out for the ladies: Australia's future tax system

Eva CoxJun 10, 2009

In considering the community's aspirations for the type of society that Australia should become over the next two decades and beyond, which key features should inform or drive the future design of the Australian tax-transfer system?

Sometimes silence is golden, Kevin

CrikeyJun 10, 20095 Comments

Surely there comes a point, where the Prime Minister should refrain from accepting invitations to comment on every minor media issue that briefly occupies the front page of The Daily Tele?

Chatting to "ordinary people" about human rights

Andrew BartlettJun 10, 2009

The committee behind Australia's National Human Rights Consultations has gone to great lengths to engage with ‘ordinary’ people, says Andrew Bartlett.

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