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Rudd, a PM with “four-in-the-morning courage”

Bernard KeaneJun 26, 200928 Comments

However the fake email saga plays out, it has provided a revealing contrast in leadership styles between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Same sex marriage: polling at odds with Parliament

Possum ComitatusJun 26, 2009

Polling shows our political representatives are far, far behind the curve of public opinion when it comes to the legal recognition of same sex marriages in Australia, writes Possum Comitatus.

Senator Boswell: does Rudd hate small business?

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

Australia is run on the steam of small and medium business, says Nationals Senator Ron Boswell. So where are their concessions under the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme?

Car dealer linked to Rudd legal bill

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

Car dealer John Grant was involved in fund-raising efforts to help Prime Minister Kevin Rudd meet a $32,000 legal bill, according to an on-line report from The Age.

Godwin Grech, John Howard's go-to man

Godwin Grech, John Howard's go-to man

Bernard KeaneJun 25, 200928 Comments

Godwin Grech, the Treasury branch head at the centre of the faked email affair, was a go-to man for the Howard government on at least one politically-sensitive project.

OECD kick the Opposition while they're down

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

It's hard to imagine a darker week for the federal Opposition. Until the OECD weighed in.

One more revelation for Malcolm Turnbull. Who's next?

Bernard KeaneJun 25, 20099 Comments

The Opposition, and Malcolm Turnbull in particular, is mired in the fake email affair and, it seems, slowly sinking.

Former detainee: debt a reminder of trauma and tragedy

Sophie BlackJun 25, 20093 Comments

As the detention debt bill continues to be debated in the House, a former detainee tells Sophie Black what an outstanding debt of $161,000 means to them.

Why won't Wong look at bigger emissions cuts?

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

Why does the Government consistently refuse to even model what 40% emissions cuts would mean, something the Greens have asked for repeatedly over many months? asks Tim Hollo.

Bartlett: What matters about Utegate

Andrew BartlettJun 25, 2009

The endless hours the press has devoted to Utegate have been at the expense of examining issues, policies and legislation that directly affect people's lives -- such as the ETS, writes Andrew Bartlett. BEST OF TODAY'S COMMENTARY

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