The new Aussie baby boom

September 24, 2009

Australia's population is exploding with a projected growth rate of a whopping 65% by 2049. Jessica Irvine explores what this means to future generations.

Rudd’s radical global reforms

Rudd’s radical global reforms

September 24, 2009

Pals Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama may be due for their first rumble. Rudd's major NY speech calls on the US for global leadership, while Obama tells the UN the US can't fix the world's problems.

Vote now for radical reforms to Australia’s electoral system

September 23, 2009 6

The Government is taking submissions on some wide-ranging reforms to Australia's electoral systems, including letting non-citizens vote, removing "truth in advertising" requirements for campaigns, and ending mandatory voting. Have your say.

Talking the Town: Launch of The Making of Julia Gillard

September 23, 2009 2

ALP factions and fiction at the launch of Jacqueline Kent's new book, The Making of Julia Gillard, last night. Social butterfly Andrew Crook has the inside scoop.

Garnaut: The ETS cannot be further distorted

September 23, 2009 15

A year since he released his final Climate Change Review, Ross Garnaut reflects on developments and disasters in the ongoing climate change challenge.

Wong kicks Turnbull when he’s down

September 23, 2009 19

Environment minister Penny Wong’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull on the CPRS timetable is a particularly low-rent effort to further damage the Liberals.

Constituents not happy about Dutton dumping Dickson

September 23, 2009 4

Last week a disgruntled LNP member from Peter Dutton’s seat of Dickson wrote to Crikey venting their spleen at Dutton’s decision to abandon the seat for Margaret May’s seat of McPherson.

Bradfield, the land of true maverick conservatives

September 23, 2009 5

All 20 candidates in this Saturday’s Bradfield preselection must be pondering one major question: exactly what do local Liberal Party preselectors in a safe seat look for in a candidate?

We really are the lucky country, but…

We really are the lucky country, but…

September 23, 2009 1

Alright, we'll admit it. Politicians have done a fairly decent job of running the nation for the last 20 years. However, climate change failings won't be easily forgiven.

Shanahan: It’s Turnbull’s time to shine

September 23, 2009

By calling on Malcolm Turnbull to make amendments to the ETS, PM Kevin Rudd gives him the chance to gain leadership credibility. But, Turnbull needs to be careful, warns Dennis Shanahan.