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Gittins: Rudd's health reforms just new empty promises?

CrikeyJul 29, 2009

Is health reform just another hot topic that Rudd gets excited about then forgets, like climate change and the GFC? asks Ross Gittins.

Our health system serves most of us well. That's the issue

Bernard KeaneJul 28, 20098 Comments

The real political issue of the recently released health reform report is that our health systems -- plural -- are perceived as broken when in fact they’re not.

Rudd, Depressions and the lessons of history

by Sinclair DavidsonJul 28, 20092 Comments

On the evidence of his latest essay, Kevin Rudd is ignorant of Australian economic history, which, surprisingly, isn't actually identical to US economic history.

Lessons Rudd can learn from US health care

Melissa SweetJul 28, 2009

Rudd has something to learn from America's health care system when it comes to reforming Australia's health care. For example, how the US collects and analyses data in hospitals, writes Dr Lesley Russell.

The politician for all seasons

Andrew BartlettJul 28, 2009

It must be very hard for Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party colleagues to figure out whether they are going to get pragmatic Tony or policy purist Tony from one day to the next, writes Andrew Bartlett.

Prevention is impractical, but try telling that to the PM

Bernard KeaneJul 28, 200916 Comments

Prevention is a health economist’s dream given the ageing of the population and the growth of chronic diseases. It's better than cure, PM Kevin Rudd agreed yesterday, three times. But is that really true?

Desperately seeking Malcolm

Michael GawendaJul 28, 2009

I could imagine John Howard’s childhood geography, but not Malcolm Turnbull's. If he can't define himself as more than the sum of his ambitions and achievements, I think he will never be Prime Minister, says Michael Gawenda.

Who would pay higher energy prices?

Who would pay higher energy prices?

Possum ComitatusJul 28, 2009

Who would wear the higher energy costs of an emissions trading scheme? Newspoll asked the question in 2008, and again this year. Overall numbers haven't changed, says Possum, but the demographics sure have.

Tony Abbott: lift pension age to 70

CrikeyJul 28, 2009

Spruiking for Tony Abbott’s book (out today!) continues. Papers note his idea to push up the pension age to 70. Labor was suggesting an increase to 67 in 2032 at the time of the May Budget. What does this mean in dollar terms? Revisit Crikey's pension v dole guide.

Cresswell: Ageing population needs significant health reform

CrikeyJul 28, 2009

Australia's ageing population adds further woes to health reform, but right now the major issues are money and changing priorities writes Adam Cresswell.