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The Opposition standpoint: oppose everything

Crikey September 1, 2009

The world wide agreement seems to be that economic stimulus packages worked. So, should opposition leaders disapprove of sensible policies just for the sake of opposition? asks Tim Colebatch.

Essential report: Turnbull loses control

Essential report: Turnbull loses control

Possum Comitatus September 1, 2009

This week's Essential Report comes in with a two-party preferred of 60-40 -- a 2-point gain to the ALP -- with additional questions finding a clear majority of Coalition voters don't believe Malcolm Turnbull is in control of the Liberal Party.

Watching the slow death of traditional political TV, part 1

Bernard Keane August 31, 2009 23 Comments

Is traditional political television dying? Have the likes of Insiders and the Laurie Oakes interview been left behind by new media and canny politicians? Bernard Keen weighs-in in the first of a two-part series.

Running a flagpole up Glenn Milne. Salute.

Bernard Keane August 31, 2009 9 Comments

The Government’s insistence on signage for its projects is weird and offensive, but so is Glenn Milne's comparison of Kevin Rudd to Kim Jong Il.

Nelson salutes, Howard on rights and the mess of NSW

Mungo MacCallum August 31, 2009 5 Comments

Mungo MacCallum discusses Brendan Nelson's departure, John Howard's shameless return to his soap box, and Nathan Rees' attempts to avoid the Obeid and Tripodi kiss of death.

Malcolm Turnbull’s Japanese lesson

Charles Richardson August 31, 2009 4 Comments

There is a local lesson to be learned from the Japanese election result. Like what happens when a party's long-term decline has been masked by one leader's success...

The Nelson diagnosis: does Turnbull suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?

Crikey August 31, 2009 5 Comments

Brendan Nelson has diagnosed the leader of his Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull with narcissistic personality disorder. Crikey asked personality disorder expert Professor Henry Jackson if the diagnosis is accurate.

Proposed intercept laws could create thousands of “Little Brothers”

Stilgherrian August 31, 2009

Proposed amendments to the Telecommunications Act could dramatically increase the monitoring of your electronic communications. What will the loss of privacy mean?

Burke’s backflip on timber an ETS fail

Bernard Keane August 31, 2009 4 Comments

Agriculture Minister Tony Burke's backtracking over the importation of illegal timber shows just how hard the ETS will be to police.

Infection control experts add to concerns about multidose flu vaccine

Crikey August 31, 2009 3 Comments

The Australian Infection Control Association has warned the Federal Government against proceeding with the planned swine flu vaccination program due to health risk concerns, writes Melissa Sweet.