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Can Abbott make a real crack at the Lib leadership?

CrikeyJul 30, 2009

Is Tony Abbott remaking himself as a feminist intellectual with some real leadership prospects? Quite possibly, writes Miranda Devine.

Needed: a national watch dog for colleges

CrikeyJul 30, 2009

Australia needs a national education regulator to weed out the few remaining dodgy colleges pitching themselves to international students -- they're not "back-door migrants" and deserve better, says Tony Pollock.

Govt orders: Don't 'buy Australian'

CrikeyJul 29, 2009

The government won't encourage consumers to 'buy Australian', because a protectionist stance would affect crucial international trade crucial to the Australian economy, writes Lindsay Tanner.

Actually, preventative healthcare has been a spectacular success

by Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health at the University of SydneyJul 29, 20095 Comments

Simon Chapman responds to Bernard Keane's contention yesterday that prevention is not always the best cure when it comes to health reform.

Talking the town: Tony Abbott gets down on his knees

Margot SavilleJul 29, 20093 Comments

Margot Saville relives all the glitz and glamour (ahem) of Tony Abbott's booklaunch.

Costello shows little faith in the possibilities of education

Irfan YusufJul 29, 20093 Comments

Peter Costello thinks Christian schools should only have Christian teachers. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from many of Australia's Muslim schools, says Irfan Yusuf.

Excerpts from Battlelines by Tony Abbott (as told to Walter Slurry)

CrikeyJul 29, 20095 Comments

The Liberal Party's man of God and the people, Tony Abbott, has blessed Australia with his memoirs. Here, Walter Slurry, the man behind Not the Costello Memoirs brings us the best bits. Tony on WorkChoices, Julia and Faith.

Rudd is boring but we like him anyway

CrikeyJul 29, 2009

Yes, PM Kevin Rudd is boring for journalists. But Australians don't want entertaining, scandalous politicians right now and Rudd's stableness is serving them well, writes David Penberthy.

Denticare slammed by private insurers

CrikeyJul 29, 2009

Denticare -- the proposed $3.7 billion plan for a universal dental health scheme -- is coming under fire even by those who are likely to reap the cash benefits: private insurers, writes Adam Cresswell.

Gittins: Rudd's health reforms just new empty promises?

CrikeyJul 29, 2009

Is health reform just another hot topic that Rudd gets excited about then forgets, like climate change and the GFC? asks Ross Gittins.