Rundle: Coalition comes crashing down

October 8, 2009

Peter Costello's departure has guaranteed the Liberal Party won't be competitive in a Federal election until at least 2016 says Guy Rundle. And you can kiss the Coalition goodbye.

Kerr: The death of the Democrats and the small-l liberal

October 8, 2009

The last Australian Democrat MP has jumped ship, rendering the party officially dead, says Christian Kerr. But what about the party's ideals? Is this also the end of small-l liberalism in Australian politics?

The last Democrat resigns

October 8, 2009

The sole remaining Australian Democrat MP, David Winderlich, has resigned from the party. It's just another sign of the party's decline, says former Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett; maybe it's time to wind things up.

Turnbull has a Costello of a day

October 7, 2009

Peter Costello has (finally) announced his retirement from Parliament, reports Bernard Keane, piling even more pressure on embattled Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull.

Political power? The writing’s on the wall

October 7, 2009

It's been a political writing bonanza, with Liberals finally joining the political book club normally run by Labor. Plus, books generate more kudos than a thousand poll-tested soundbites, writes George Megalogenis.

Australia, you have 3 days to get your act together on climate change

October 7, 2009 18

Bangkok's climate talks have shown that the issue of climate aid is one of the main hurdles for producing a better global deal on climate change, -- and Australia is lagging behind the pack, writes Will McGoldrick.

Interest rates: the difference between reality and chatter

October 7, 2009 6

Amid the media chatter today about what the interest rate rise means for the "stimulus debate", news from the real world is that the majority of Australians reckon the government is handling the economy very well.

No neutral territory between Mike Rann and the media

No neutral territory between Mike Rann and the media

October 7, 2009 2

The murky controversy surrounding SA premier Mike Rann is now a public, not a private, matter. The demilitarised zone between Rann, the media and the voters has been well and truly breached.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen! Copenhagen for me!

October 7, 2009 7

Australia is fronting up to Copenhagen insouciantly talking about schedules and the importance of climate aid, without offering a single dollar, and boasting of our willingness to have a unilateral 5% -- 5%! -- cut in emissions by 2020.

John Howard transforming NRL: there goes the black fan base

October 7, 2009 37

Rugby league has been a dying game for many, many years -- is John Howard really the man to revamp it? It makes even less sense when you consider a large percentage of the hard-core league fan-base is black.