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Stop kicking the inconvenient statistics

CrikeyMay 1, 2009

To force young people into training or education is cruel and unproductive, especially in the bush. It is a very brutal way of reducing the youth unemployment statistics, writes Lionel Elmore.

Budget countdown: ASIO growth freeze imminent?

Budget countdown: ASIO growth freeze imminent?

Bernard KeaneMay 1, 20092 Comments

The 2009 Budget might finally spell the end of the remorseless growth of ASIO, the most successful government body of the Howard era.

Australia still looks to America as Asia's sheriff

CrikeyMay 1, 2009

Australia may be big beneficiaries from China's industrial revolution, but our security in the region still hangs on the US, says the Economist.

Qantas asks how Emirates' near crash flew under radar

Ben SandilandsApr 30, 2009

Sometime early in April, Qantas senior management is believed to have put rockets up News and Fairfax senior management.

Budget deficits and the grand hypocrisy of Peter Costello

Bernard KeaneApr 30, 2009

The biggest public policy issue in Australia at the moment is the size of our budget deficit. The man most responsible is Peter Costello.

Greens the only honest brokers in climate change debate

Bernard KeaneApr 30, 2009

Far from being irrelevant to the ETS debate, the Greens are the only ones being honest, writes Bernard Keane.

Time for Latham to put up or shut up

Bernard KeaneApr 30, 2009

Like many a Latham policy when he was leader, his attacks on his former colleagues are cheap populism.

The republic: overcoming apathy to B-grade celebrity royals

Jeff SparrowApr 30, 2009

Bob Brown’s renewed push for a republic should be welcomed: at the moment, we select our highest post by methods you couldn’t apply to a job flipping burgers.

Coalition-commissioned report: Rudd's ETS will hurt business

CrikeyApr 30, 2009

Opposition emissions trading spokesman Andrew Robb has called Rudd's Emissions Trading Scheme a "black hole" after an independent report found it "potentially threatens the balance sheets of key industries".

Go fulfill yourself: John Howard on indigenous Australians

CrikeyApr 29, 2009

John Howard tells a US interviewer that that Aboriginal people will only ever be “fulfilled” if they become part of mainstream Australia.

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