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Turnbull: why the Liberals should keep him

Greg BarnsJun 29, 200932 Comments

Turnbull took a risk on the Utegate affair and it backfired -- so what? asks Greg Barns.


CrikeyJun 29, 2009

With Government 2.0 up and running, I decided to see how the iPhone toilet finder app developers were going. Looks like they've run into some issues with the Dept of Health and Ageing, says Joshua Gans.

Government right to kill Grocery Choice

CrikeyJun 29, 2009

The Government might have taken some stick for abolishing the Grocery Choice website, but it pales against what it would have experienced had the project gone ahead, argues Phillip Coorey.

Another boatload stretches Christmas Island's resources

CrikeyJun 29, 2009

The custom-built detention centre on Christmas Island is reaching its limits after 194 asylum-seekers, most of them men, were intercepted in a vessel believed to be of Indonesian origin.

Polls hit Turnbull. Hard.

William BoweJun 29, 2009

Newspoll, ACNielsen and Galaxy have all reported in today -- and they all report a disastrous tale of Malcolm Turnbull's Utegate adventures last week. Pollbludger rounds up the numbers. BEST OF THE COMMENTARY

Rudd, a PM with “four-in-the-morning courage”

Bernard KeaneJun 26, 200928 Comments

However the fake email saga plays out, it has provided a revealing contrast in leadership styles between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

Same sex marriage: polling at odds with Parliament

Possum ComitatusJun 26, 2009

Polling shows our political representatives are far, far behind the curve of public opinion when it comes to the legal recognition of same sex marriages in Australia, writes Possum Comitatus.

Senator Boswell: does Rudd hate small business?

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

Australia is run on the steam of small and medium business, says Nationals Senator Ron Boswell. So where are their concessions under the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme?

Car dealer linked to Rudd legal bill

CrikeyJun 25, 2009

Car dealer John Grant was involved in fund-raising efforts to help Prime Minister Kevin Rudd meet a $32,000 legal bill, according to an on-line report from The Age.

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