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Ask the economists: Budget 09 verdict

Ask the economists: Budget 09 verdict

CrikeyMay 12, 20091 Comment

Crikey’s crack team of economists ignored the Budget night theatrics and zeroed in on the meat and potatoes.

The budget at a glance

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

All the numbers you need.

$53b in the red and waiting on growth

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 200913 Comments

The Rudd Government has made infrastructure, retirement incomes and clean energy the centre of the 2009-10 budget.

The press take it easy on Swan's budget

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 2009

If the Budget plays with voters the same way it played with the press, the Government will be over the moon.

Small business: a break topped off with a slug

By Smart Company editor James Thomson in Canberra.May 12, 20094 Comments

At face value, the fact that this budget contains specific measures to assist small business is a positive step, writes James Thomson.

Welcome back old-time Keynesianism

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 2009

For an economist, the most striking feature of the 2009-10 Budget is the reappearance of old-time Keynesianism.

Big ticket spending: all in for nation building

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 2009

This is being pitched as a nation-building budget.

Extra staffers and a little for the public service

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 2009

The Government has quietly awarded itself, the Opposition and minor parties an extra 44 staff.

2008 to 2009: A tale of two wordles

CrikeyMay 12, 2009

Nothing quite so illuminating as a word picture. Here's the 2008 budget speech in living colour... and 2009.

Superannuation provides the biggest budget savings

Bernard KeaneMay 12, 2009

The biggest savings in this year’s budget haven’t come from the sort of swingeing cuts of fiscal infamy but a few high-profile items.

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