October, 2013

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Essential: same-sex marriage opposition falls

, Oct 22, 2013

Opposition to same-sex marriage is fading, and Tony Abbott's approval is picking up, today's Essential Report finds.
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The looming legal battle over ACT gay marriage

, Oct 14, 2013

It looks like the ACT will pass same-sex marriage laws, and the feds will try to knock them down in the High Court. ANU constitutional law lecturer Ryan Goss looks at the legal aspects of the looming stoush.
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The trick question that may stall ACT gay marriage laws

, Oct 03, 2013

The ACT wants to legalise gay marriage but there's a bevvy of legal challenges the bill could face. David Donaldson lists the obstacles ... and finds the big problem could be divorce, not marriage.
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Seat of the week: Labor likely to hold on to Canberra

, Jun 24, 2013

Labor lost its grip on the electorate covering the south of the national capital amid the wreckage of the Whitlam and Keating governments, but few people suggest it will go that way again this year, writes William Bowe.
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State polls with ‘federal implications’? Time to kill the myth

, Mar 11, 2013

The idea that there are "federal implications" of state elections doesn't hold up under examination. But that doesn't mean the Gillard government will hold on in this year's federal election.
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And then there were none: ACT Lib moderate faces the chop

, Feb 05, 2013

Local ACT Liberal leader Zed Seselja has launched a raid on the seat of sitting Senator Gary Humphries, pitching conservative against moderate and annoying some at the federal level.
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Poll Bludger’s Seat of the Week: Oxley, Pauline Hanson’s old turf

, Nov 24, 2012

Despite unfavourable redistributions and a statewide swing in 2010, Bill Hayden’s old seat has returned to safe Labor hands since the famous interruption of Pauline Hanson. It is William Bowe's seat of the week.
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Swing to women in ACT election shines a dim light in the tunnel of equality

, Nov 21, 2012

The recent ACT election saw an unexpected swing towards women, though the overall number of women in the Legislative Assembly is declining, writes Glen Fuller.
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The paper, the poll and the almighty ACT stuff-up

, Oct 31, 2012

Ahead of the ACT election, The Canberra Times called it as an easy Labor victory based on its "exclusive poll". The poll was way out. So what went wrong?

Wilkie tires of waiting on whistleblower laws

, Oct 30, 2012

Andrew Wilkie's move to introduce a whistleblowing bill prompted some action from a government hitherto content to ignore the issue -- but legislative action may fall off the "to do" list again.

Some comfort for Labor, Greens in big polling weekend

, Oct 29, 2012

Election results in Sydney, Melbourne and the ACT point to moderately good news for Labor -- and the Greens will take some comfort from their inner-city results. Is the anti-incumbency vibe waning?

Bad blood sees Labor well-placed to win the ACT

, Oct 23, 2012

The ACT has voted and political types are biting their nails as counting continues -- but a Labor-Green government is the most likely outcome, due to fractious relations between Greens and Liberals.

Poll Bludger: what Labor, Libs can take from ACT election

, Oct 22, 2012

Leaving national implications aside, the major parties can both take heart from the gains made at the expense of the Greens in Saturday's ACT election.
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Podcast: democracy sausages, the tally room and ACT election analysis

, Oct 22, 2012

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps, after gobbling down a couple of snags, analyse the ACT election result and the state of negotiations between the three parties.

Breaking the syringe economy: prison union fights ACT plan

, Oct 18, 2012

A national-first prison needle exchange proposed for the ACT has sparked debate ahead of the territory's election on Saturday. Reporter Ben Westcott examines the proposal.

The active future of public transport

, Oct 18, 2012

Student journalists Jacqui Garrity and Jelisa Apps examine active transport policies in the lead up to the ACT election.

Next stop: light rail?

, Oct 18, 2012

It may seem like a case of déjà vu, but ACT voters can be forgiven for thinking they have heard it all before when it comes to bringing light rail to Canberra, reports student journalist Alexandria Caughey Hutt.

ACT election: Labor’s victory seems assured

, Oct 18, 2012

The one and only public opinion poll of the Australian Capital Territory election campaign finds Labor headed for a comfortable-to-landslide victory, with three of the Greens’ four seats hanging in the balance, reports William Bowe.
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Doctor divides uni: gay student told to seek hormone testing

, Oct 17, 2012

Students and staff at the University of Canberra are divided over the actions of a Catholic doctor at the university medical centre who refuses to prescribe contraception and suggested a gay student have a hormone test.