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Bumper harvest coming but can agriculture save the Australian economy?

The drought has broken in parts of Australia, but the recovery of farming won't necessarily save us from a recession

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Food insecurity: could Australia really be set to run out of food?

While debate around Australia's food security continues to rage, one thing is clear: water policy and food security are inextricably linked.

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Agriculture is our big productivity success story. So why aren't we celebrating?

Australian agriculture is our productivity success story. But the reaction to it suggests maybe we don't want productivity quite as much as we say we do.

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Nationals' climate hysteria exposes party's fundamental flaw

The National Party has failed to move with its own base in accepting the need for climate action — because it simply can't.

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Another damaging drought package passes with no scrutiny

The profound flaws of giving handouts to drought-stricken farmers are well known. But little scrutiny is applied to the government's drought packages.

Sheep farmer Wayne Smith stands in the dry river bed of the Darling River (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

The government's game of drought roulette

One hundred and twenty-three councils have been deemed eligible for more than $123 million worth of drought funding — but others suffering low rainfall are missing out. Inq takes a look at why.

Farmers expose the pointless unreality of drought politicking

While the government squabbles over who gets the credit for handouts to farmers, farmers themselves are calling for an end to ad hoc policy that discourages preparedness for drought.

Saving rural Australia

What's needed now is a bold plan for rural Australia, sold with a bit of very tough love.

It's time we stopped subsidising the dangerous meat and dairy industries

The ethical and environmental case for avoiding meat and dairy is overwhelming. We should be moving to close down those industries, not propping them up with taxpayer handouts.

The sweet life: sugar's tumultuous history and the families who have ridden the wave

Sugar once fuelled the settlement of northern Queensland, but growing environmental and economic challenges are making it harder for farmers to get by.

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