Got a burning question for the lower house independents who hold the Gillard government’s future in the palm of their hand? Think you can do a better job than the Canberra press gallery? Now’s your chance.

Crikey and the OurSay mob have teamed up to host a live web broadcast with the independents on September 12 — but we’re not asking the questions. You are.

Post your questions to the independents on OurSay, and vote for your favourite questions while you’re there. Trending questions will be profiled in Crikey each week from August 13th. The three most popular questions will be put to the independents by Crikey’s Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane. Voting ends on September 7 at 5pm.

The site is live and some would-be questioners have gone straight for the jugular:

“Democracy is about the people having their say and electing government. How has this aim been achieved when four men dictated who governed the country? Would (a) referendum not be a better solution?” asks one.

You can keep track of trending — or surprise — questions on Crikey.

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