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On The Frontline

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On the Frontline: Hotel quarantine mistakes being repeated in childcare clusters

Parents caught in the middle of Victoria's childcare centre virus cluster say they're seeing the government's mistakes repeated.

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'We are being talked over and talked about, but rarely talked to'

A high school teacher details what life has been like under COVID-19, and why it's time for the system to do 'some learning of its own for once'.

Isolation and anxiety: what it's like giving birth during lockdown

Parents report a lot of concerns about having a child at times like this, beyond the obvious one of getting the virus and giving it to their unborn child.

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'People break down in front of you because it's so tough'

It's one thing to lose the person closest to you, and another to not spend time with them beforehand, writes funeral director Andrew Pinder.

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The costly reason an international student refuses to go home

After spending tens of thousands of dollars to study and live in Australia, an international student explains why he refuses to go home.

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'We've had people trying to break into our break room': a retail worker's story

'Every single person I work with has been abused by a customer at least once.'

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'The staff are starting to show signs of PTSD'

The coronavirus crisis is effecting the whole world. For medical staff, it feels like they've had to start a new job, says a GP on the front line.