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Seattle: the new frontier for online news media

Eleri Harris April 21, 2009

Last month the Seattle Post Intelligencer became the largest American daily to go entirely online, while former PI staff have launched their own competitive daily online news source -- the Seattle Post Globe.

BMW sponsors entire editions of AFR and Oz

Crikey April 21, 2009

The Australian Financial Review has pulled off what may be a local media first -- a complete advertising takeover of an edition by BMW.  The BMW logo appears on all but 14 of the edition’s 64 pages.

Fairfax publicity stunt: printing newspapers

Crikey April 20, 2009

Fairfax Media are distributing one-off print editions of their and mastheads today.

Oxbridge presses aren’t charities

Crikey April 20, 2009

Cambridge and Oxford University Presses are recieving tax breaks through a charity loop-hole.

US printing presses grind to a halt

Glenn Dyer April 17, 2009

The biggest newsprint maker and the second largest retail mall operator both went bankrupt overnight.

Time to start paying for online news?

Crikey April 17, 2009

A new venture called Journalism Online will offer a one-stop subscription site for access to multiple online newspapers and magazines. But will the punters pay?

French Elle features bare-faced cover model

Crikey April 17, 2009

The latest edition of the French Elle magazine has caused a stir by featuring model Eva Herzigova without any makeup on its cover.

Last days of the UK Independent?

Guy Rundle April 16, 2009

The UK Independent may die before the summer.

Memo to Bolt: race runs deeper than skin colour

Chris Graham April 16, 2009

Any attention is good attention, right? There's no other rational way to explain Andrew Bolt's column in the Herald Sun yesterday.

Could News Ltd papers be about to go free?

Could News Ltd papers be about to go free?

Crikey April 15, 2009

There’s growing evidence that Rupert Murdoch's local henchmen could be mulling a left-field plan to give away its stable of mastheads.