America’s struggling newspapers can’t take a trick

May 8, 2009

What if government stopped advertising in newspapers altogether? It could happen.

Eulogies for fallen newspapers at Senate hearings

May 8, 2009

They came as if to their own funeral. Dana Milbank reports on newspaper heads attending the US Senate subcommittee hearing titled, ironically, "The Future of Journalism."

Can a $489 electronic tablet really save newspapers?

May 7, 2009

Instead of trying to persuade consumers to adapt to an expensive, awkward gizmo, newspapers should spend money on interactive formats people already use.

The Right fall into line over the GFC

May 7, 2009 4

The Australian went into the freezer the other day and dragged out ... Giles Auty.

Evening Standard says sorry for low standards

May 7, 2009 1

British tabloid London Evening Standard launched a unique campaign Monday apologising to readers for its “previous behaviour”.

Boston Globe and Newspaper Guild reach tentative deal

May 7, 2009

The Boston Globe's union has reached a tentative deal with the New York Times Co., agreeing to a pay cut and changes to the company's lifetime job guarantee provisions.

Cairns Post vox pop answers prove sound grabs work

Cairns Post vox pop answers prove sound grabs work

May 7, 2009

Cairns Post vox popees grapple with the ETS changes.

Swine flu, the view from Barbados

May 7, 2009

A fresh look at swine flu from Barbados' Daily Nation newspaper: "Swine flu gine mek we stay home!"

BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune are suffering

May 7, 2009

BusinessWeek, Forbes and Fortune magazines all took big hits in the first quarter, making staff cuts -- and a drop in editorial quality -- all too likely.

Photoshopping gone bad

May 6, 2009

What happens when editorial fashion shoots get carelessly cut out and stuck onto the cover of the magazine? Nothing pretty.