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When a media giant falls in the forest, everybody hears — and suffers

News Corp Australia has been in strife for a while. The COVID-19 pandemic has just been the final nail.

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The virus underscores the need for news — as it kills off print media

As papers close and ad revenue plummets, it's becoming clear that the next victim of coronavirus will be print media.

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The slow death of the Australian magazine

The central role that magazines have enjoyed in Australia over the last century has been shattered by an information-rich, attention-poor world.

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Is Lawyer X's lost 'libido' really in the public interest?

The Age's latest story about the Nicola Gobbo saga raises questions about responsible reporting on mental health.

Eastbound and down: the West joins the Tele in a race to the bottom

In order to stay afloat, The West Australian is looking to east-coast tabloids for editorial inspiration.

Portrait of a one-newspaper town

Even in an era of digital and social media, the power of The West Australian has only strengthened under the direction of Kerry Stokes.

The power and the glory: Kerry Stokes' influence at the West

Billionaire Kerry Stokes' power over The West Australian and media dominance of WA has allowed him to set the agenda for the state.

The future of Seven West Media could soon be decided

The biggest question in Australian media could soon have an answer, with one of the smartest men in the industry set to oversee the future of Seven West Media.

Media companies go back to the government honeypot

Some of Australia’s biggest media companies are once again buzzing back to the government for support.

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Black and white witness

In the Meanjin winter issue, Amy McQuire discusses the damage wrought by white witnesses on Indigenous land.

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