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It's not only News Corp and the Coalition. The ABC is a victim of its own culture wars

There's a division among ABC staff between a constituency of change and a constituency of resistance. And it means any change, any dispute over content, risks becoming highly charged.

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The political circus distracts from what the public needs to know

Feedback suggests that most people trust their premier over their local News Corp tabloid. Is Australian journalism missing the mark?

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Inside story: how The Age dragged a traumatised reporter through the courts

The Age has been quick to target an 'unethical' workers comp scheme — forgetting, maybe, how hard it fought to deny a former journalist compensation for years of psychological trauma.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook strike: what happens next?

Big tech and old media have hunkered down for a fight. Will we see fireworks, or will the whole thing just blow over?

Rupert Murdoch

Where did much of old media's money go? Look no further than, er, old media

Australia's media companies are used to dictating the rules but Google and Facebook reckon those rules are for losers.

How Facebook mugged the news agenda — by threatening the news agenda

News that Facebook was threatening to cut off Australians from sharing news on its platform spread like wildfire — just like it wanted.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

'Can’t pay? Won’t pay!' says Facebook, as big tech calls Canberra's news bluff

Facebook is playing hardball with Australia after the ACCC proposed making tech giants pay news organisations.

Canberra (and Rupert) v big tech: can the government rein in Facebook and Google?

The government's plan to rectify the power imbalance between news publishers and big tech makes no sense. But then again, we shouldn't be surprised.

(Image: Nine)

The Voice is moving to Seven, but it's far from a triumph for the network

Seven has run out of gas, and buying the rights to The Voice format is just a cost cut in disguise.

The front page of The Australian on Friday August 28, 2020 (Image: The Australian)

And the blame game goes round and round: ScoMo and News Corp on the China carousel

The blame China carousel keeps on spinning, and neither News Corp nor the government are showing any sign of wanting to get off.

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