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Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell (Image: ABC)

It all ads up — the ABC rates so highly because it plays to its strengths

There are many people inside and outside the ABC who believe the broadcaster shouldn’t chase ratings. Yet it regularly beats its commercial rivals.

ABC chair Ita Buttrose and managing director David Anderson (Image: ABC)

Inside the five-year plan: tick the box called 'trust' and hope that passes as public interest journalism

The ABC's vision for the future of news is one drawn from journalism academics obsessed with rebuilding trust — not fixing the glaring weaknesses of the national broadcaster.

Journalist Michael Smith, anchor Cheng Lei and journalist Bill Birtles (Images: CGTN; supplied)

Australia takes moral high ground on China expulsions. But should it?

A little tit-for-tat on Australia's part wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. The US reacted swiftly when three of its journalists were expelled.

Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings (Images: Wikicommons; AAP/Dave Hunt)

Netflix to players: we are not interested in competing for sports rights

Netflix chief Reed Hastings has shot down the prospect of a deal for live sport streaming. So where will the codes turn to in the battle for bigger broadcast deals?

ABC photographer Matt Roberts covering the NSW bushfires on January 1, 2020 (Image AAP/Sean Davey)

It’s your ABC. Soon, literally. Welcome to your viewing, listening future

The media is changing. And the ABC needs to change with it.

(Image: National Archives of Australia)

Richo rewrites the Dismissal, the Oz publishes it — and we correct it

What's the go with Graham Richardson's bizarre rewriting of the Dismissal for The Australian?

ABC News channel presenter Joe O'Brien (Image: ABC)

For the national broadcaster, cut to the core is both a reality and an aspiration

The crisis in media in Australia leaves the ABC in an invidious position of being asked to make up for gaps in commercial services when its funding is being reduced.

Michael Smith (left) and Bill Birtles speak to the media after arriving in Australia (Images: Supplied)

After 50 years, Australia loses its eyes in China as reporters evacuate

With the ABC and Australian Financial Review bringing their China correspondents home, Australia is left without any eyes on the ground.

(Image: AP/Francisco Seco)

Betrayed by politicians and the media, Assange case exposes ludicrous justice

Julian Assange continues to suffer under farcical charges and a predatory system, and the media chooses to looks the other way.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher and ABC Chair Ita Buttrose (Images: AAP/Alex Murray, AAP/Lukas Coch)

Ita and the ABC: out with the old and in with the new

Even as the national broadcaster lets 200-plus journalists and producers go, it's busy hiring a younger, more agile — and cheaper — workforce.

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