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Crikey Says

Crikey April 16, 2008 1 Comment

Was it management pressure what done it? Or just a sudden burst of common sense?

A question of intent: losing tax offsets in the film industry

Crikey April 16, 2008

The Pacific Film and Television Commission and the Film Finance Corporation have very different interpretations of what the FFC means when it says the word “intention”. At stake is a lot of money, writes Alex Prior.

What next for The Age?

Crikey April 14, 2008 2 Comments

Where to now for staff at The Age following last week’s unprecedented meeting with its de facto vote of no confidence in the editor in chief, Andrew Jaspan? asks Margaret Simons.

Crikey Says

Crikey April 14, 2008

Why we published audio snippets from that extraordinary meeting at The Age.

Crikey Says

Crikey April 11, 2008 2 Comments

What happens when the editor of an important newspaper loses the confidence of his journalists?

Beecher: Editorial independence requires editorial competence

Crikey April 10, 2008 6 Comments

The bunfight over board control of WA Newspapers is revealing how people with no background in journalism or media exert increasing influence over the editorial pillar of functional democracy, writes Eric Beecher.

Age staff stop work for a word from their sponsor

Crikey April 9, 2008

Murky sponsor dealings and public f-ck ups are all the talk at The Age, writes Andrew Crook.

Fairfax: Where Bob Irwin is more important than Bob Mugabe

Crikey April 8, 2008 1 Comment

An experiment conducted by economists at the London School of Economics shows how Fairfax is sacrificing their upmarket brand for short term, populist stories, writes Steven Johnson.

Media briefs and TV ratings: Heather comes out

Crikey April 7, 2008

The Hitch comes out ... Jim's long lunch ... blog till you drop ... Corp reorganises its internet division ... New HarperCollins unit to try to cut writer advances ... Nine and Seven draw rating survey.

The Oz gets Wavished by Myer chairman

Crikey April 7, 2008 1 Comment

The chairman of the Myer Group, Bill Wavish, is an executive with a special talent for self-publication and today The Australian has swallowed his credentials as a retailer without subjecting them to any real test, writes Glenn Dyer.