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Glenn Milne stuck playing in the Coalition sandpit

Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane writes:Jun 10, 20082 Comments

Glenn Milne is having a rough time of it. Whether it’s because no Minister will return his calls, or because he just doesn’t like the Rudd Government, he’s stuck playing in the Coalition sandpit, writes Bernard Keane.

Is HRT good or bad? Who do we trust?

Melissa Sweet writes:Jun 4, 20081 Comment

Only a fortnight ago, newspaper headlines were telling us that “world experts declare HRT safe for women in early menopause”. This week, it’s been headlines sounding the alarm about the possible links between HRT and breast cancer. What's right? asks Melissa Sweet.

Comitatus: The parallel universe of Opinionatas

Possum Comitatus writes:Jun 3, 20083 Comments

The Opinionatas in the media say Rudd's honeymoon is over. Yet today’s Newspoll has the ALP two party preferred stuck exactly where it was before this manufactured media melodrama began, writes Possum Comitatus.

Media briefs and TV ratings: Who bagged Seven?, ABC's interesting muzak

CrikeyMay 29, 20081 Comment

Seven News watchers say yes to capital punishment ... Who bagged Seven? ... Interesting music selection ABC! ... Who says the arts don't pay well? ...

Henson schmenson, take a look at Dolly

Julie Gale, director of Kids Free 2b Kids, writes:May 28, 20084 Comments

Why is it that "artistic" images of a young girl have created such uproar, and yet s-xualised images of children across the media remain unchallenged, asks Julie Gale.

Stuff we like

Sarah Stokely writes:May 28, 2008

Sebastian Faulks channels Ian Fleming in Devil May Care, Tracey Spicer reviews Boned, and the WSJ discovers the fairer sex.

The Media Monitors' Top 20

Patrick Baume writes:May 28, 2008

Finally! Proof that Wayne Swan is more Ralph Willis than Paul Keating , writes Patrick Baume.

Talkback on the nuances between art and p-rn

Compiled by Sophie Black:May 27, 20083 Comments

Talkback hasn't been this highbrow since Piss Christ... To follow is a selection of the art critique hitting the air waves.

The Henson Debate: Crikey readers respond

CrikeyMay 27, 20083 Comments

Everyone from the PM down has weighed in on the debate over Bill Henson's photography. Crikey readers had a lot to say too - in fact we've had more comments on the story than any other we've published. Here's a selection of reader comments on the issue.

Crikey Says

CrikeyMay 27, 2008

When did we lose the capacity for serious and complex discussion of intricate and difficult issues?

https://www.crikey.com.au/2008/05/27/crikey-says/ == https://www.crikey.com.au/free-trial/==https://www.crikey.com.au/subscribe/

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