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Albrechtsen defends the indefensible: executive salaries

Overland editor Jeff Sparrow writes:Mar 4, 20097 Comments

Who would dare to defend multimillion dollar executive remuneration? Why, Janet Albrechtsen, of course, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Victorian bushfires: disregard demagogues, ecogogues and celebrity dilettantes

Former Australian editor of Wildfire magazine Frank Campbell writes:Mar 2, 20094 Comments

Black Saturday’s firestorm generated a propaganda wordstorm. Ideology masqueraded as analysis. Each faction claimed to speak for the dead but spruiked their own agenda, writes Frank Campbell.

Trujillo latest victim of News Corp's racist toons

Marketing expert Dr Stephen Downes writes: Feb 27, 200912 Comments

The use of racist imagery to depict anyone should be just as unacceptable in Australia as it is in the US, writes Stephen Downes.

Will Baz strike real (or fool's) gold with Australia's DVD?

Long-time popular culture observer Ross Stapleton writes:Feb 26, 20091 Comment

With so much riding on the director’s costly paean to God’s own; the DVD’s success if Fox will forgive us -- has become paramount, writes Ross Stapleton.

Peter Chernin's golden (diamond-encrusted, platinum-gilded) parachute

Adam Schwab writes:Feb 25, 20093 Comments

Even Rupert may difficulty defending paying his COO remuneration of US$147 million, a termination payment of at least US$29 million and a six-year motion picture agreement while News Corp shares plummet, writes Adam Schwab.

Alarms sound as The Australian Spectator launches

Alex Mitchell writes:Feb 20, 20099 Comments

The glittering launch of The Spectator Australia magazine at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music last night ended farcically when a fire alarm went off, writes Ern Malley.

Introducing Crikey's latest blogger: Michael Gawenda (and Rocky)

Michael Gawenda writes: Feb 20, 20096 Comments

I have had dogs all my life and the dogs of my life are sort of markers to the stages of any life, from childhood to old age. Rocky, well Rocky, with some luck, will grow old with me, writes Michael Gawenda.

Pundits go ape over NY Post cartoon

Ruth BFeb 19, 20094 Comments

The New York Post's editorial cartoon published in their 18 February edition has left a few in the media and blogosphere a little miffed. See if you can guess why.

I survived Marysville for an orgy of ocker self-love

Peter Chambers writes:Feb 19, 20099 Comments

My emotions, and the way I’ve been talking about them in order to deal with them, have been hijacked by the emotions of "the nation" and its faithful organ, the press, writes Peter Chambers.

Sokaluk's trial by police and media

Greg Barns writes:Feb 18, 200910 Comments

The presumption of innocence is torn to shreds by the police. And of course the media is more than willing to play the game, writes Greg Barns.

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