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Journalists beware: rumours in cyberspace may ruin credibility

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

As Mark Twain said, writing long before the arrival of the internet, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth has its trousers on.

Fairfax: have sponsor, will travel

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

The Hun's prejudicial murder framing ... Seattle journos create their own news source ... BBC reporter breaches rules on impartiality

Memo to Bolt: race runs deeper than skin colour

Chris GrahamApr 16, 2009

Any attention is good attention, right? There's no other rational way to explain Andrew Bolt's column in the Herald Sun yesterday.

#amazonfail: the book giant begins to rebuild its image

Crikey InternApr 16, 2009

Amazon have labelled their cataloguing cock-up on the weekend as "embarrassing and ham-fisted". We look at what the pundits are saying. Crikey intern Eloise Keating writes.

ACMA finds Today Tonight breaches code of practise

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

Yesterday, the Australian Communications and Media Authority found channel Seven's Today Tonight breached the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice.

Five broadband myths busted

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

The Rudd Government’s proposed fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband network has generated a rich variety of ill-informed media commentary. It is time to debunk some of these myths, writes Rod Tucker.

US sees surge in recession-themed sitcoms

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

Recession-themed comedies are all the rage this pilot season.

Burger King retracts ad that offended Mexicans

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

Mexicans took great offence at an ad for Burger King's "Texican Whopper" which paired a cowboy with a little spicy Mexican (literally). After ambassadors intervened it became too hot for the fast food co. to handle.

The spin is all in the prism

CrikeyApr 15, 2009

Political reporters see everything through a prism. It changes according to mood and moment, writes Alastair Campbell.

Global advertising market trashed, again

Glenn DyerApr 15, 2009

Global advertising spending will suffer the biggest fall in almost 30 years in 2009.

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