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Aunty's Logies extras short-changed

CrikeyMar 31, 2009

Channel Nine appears to have followed Fairfax's bad example in not paying actors for a upcoming Logies segment to be screened on your ABC, writes Andrew Crook.

Regional TV in SA: still stuck in the sixties

CrikeyMar 31, 2009

Do you get the impression that, as far as big business and politicians are concerned, regional South Australia doesn't matter? asks regional TV veteran Chris Jeremy.

Beware red-headed clowns bearing gifts

CrikeyMar 31, 2009

One day the research on the truly deadly nature of sugar will seep into the public conscience. When that day comes, Big Sugar wants to have some "discussion points" with the government, writes David Gillespie.

US classifieds fall 60% in just two years

CrikeyMar 30, 2009

American newspaper print ad revenues fell to their lowest level in 14 years last year and online ad revenues fell for the first time in five years, according to figures for 2008 ad revenues from the American Newspaper Association, writes Glenn Dyer.

Shaun Brown: Get set for SBS Mark 2

CrikeyMar 30, 2009

The multicultural broadcaster has its hand out for more funds, says Managing Director Shaun Brown, and that could mean more channels like SBS2.

When did Britain lose its cool?

CrikeyMar 27, 2009

The Blair era is long gone, and so too is the national spirit, the hope and the optimism, that reigned in those days. Gordon Brown, though he seems invigorated by economic catastrophe,

Fairfax goes for the unpaid underbelly of Australian acting

Andrew Crook writes:Mar 27, 2009

The local film industry is notoriously frugal when it comes to paying proper wages, but it seems Fairfax Digital hoped to go one better, writes Andrew Crook.

John Farnham Cadbury’s gorilla remix gets the thumbs-down

Mumbrella's Tim Burrowes writes:Mar 25, 20094 Comments

A remix of Cadbury's award-winning gorilla advertisement featuring John Farnham instead of the original Phil Collins track has won derision on social media sites since it broke at the weekend, writes Tim Burrowes.

The persecution of Marcus Einfeld

Greg Barns writes:Mar 25, 200912 Comments

The prosecution of Einfeld has now been turned into a persecution, writes Greg Barns.

Three studies that should make a difference to Australian health care

Mary Haines, editor of the Sax Institute’s HARC eBulletin, writes:Mar 25, 20091 Comment

Here's how policy makers can improve the safety of surgery or improve the outcomes for elderly patients requiring hospital treatment, writes Mary Haines.

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