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Cadbury's gorilla tactics: the end of advertising as we know it?

Marketing expert Dr Stephen Downes writes:Nov 7, 20082 Comments

Cadbury's "gorilla" advertisement is not actually an advertisement, and that's a big problem for agencies, writes Stephen Downes.

When did Murdoch learn of the News downturn?

Glenn Dyer writes:Nov 7, 20083 Comments

News Corporation performance is slowing. Why didn't Rupert Murdoch tell the AGM, asks Glenn Dyer?

Experts say Garrett’s art resale royalty proposal is a dud

Bob Gosford writes from Yuendumu, NT:Nov 7, 20085 Comments

Garrett's model for the resale royalty scheme has been the subject of bitter opposition from the big end of town – the large auction houses and art dealers. But what about the indigenous artists at the centre of Garrett's scheme? Bob Gosford reports.

Crikey US electoral map is fabulous say other blogger people

CrikeyNov 6, 20086 Comments

A Manhattan tech blogger by the name of Jason Kottke made up a list of electoral maps yesterday, depicting mostly the expected candidates, CNN, New York Times, Fox News ... and Crikey.

What does the G20 giggle say about Kevin Rudd?

Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane writes:Nov 3, 20087 Comments

Something felt strange about Matt Franklin’s now world-famous piece on the Bush-Rudd discussion about the economic summit later this month, writes Bernard Keane.

Radio National brouhaha: ABC dumps values for ideology

John Highfield, former presenter of ABC Radio's The World Today, writes:Nov 3, 20083 Comments

Our ABC can afford to be the leading patron of a much richer endeavour -- unless its leadership has dumped values for simple ideology, writes John Highfield.

The Coca Cola Chronicles: in need of some new PR tricks

Former Coca Cola consumer Garry Muratore writes:Oct 31, 20083 Comments

Trying to convince the public a series of urban myths exist and then trying to make the product out to be something it is not is despicable, writes Gary Muratore.

Media briefs: CBS manages a profit and loss ... HuffPo writer goes postal

CrikeyOct 31, 2008

CBS manages a profit and loss ... Australian Women Online on ISP Filtering Debate ... HuffPo writer goes postal ... Don't piss the boomers off ...Bloggers post election

Radio National brouhaha: who knew what when

An ABC insider writes:Oct 31, 20082 Comments

Was ABC chief Mark Scott told by head of Radio Sue Howard that she knew nothing about plans to axe the Religion Report, wonders an ABC insider.

Mr Mark Scott: jewel thief

Bret Treasure, from freebeer.com.au, writes:Oct 31, 20083 Comments

Dear Mr Scott, you’ve described Radio National as the jewel in the crown of the ABC. I don’t understand why you would allow the removal of some of the most distinctive gems, writes Bret Treasure.

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