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Beecher: No debate on journalism at Fairfax

Crikey publisher Eric Beecher writes:Aug 28, 20082 Comments

There's an intense debate about the future of journalism vibrating across the Australian media -- except in the media owned by the company which ignited the debate in the first place, writes Eric Beecher.

The Media Monitors' Top 20

Patrick Baume writes:Aug 28, 2008

The PM’s numbers back to a more usual level as the Olympics hype subsides, writes Patrick Baume.

ACMA: protecting advertisers from parents

Glenn Dyer writes:Aug 28, 20082 Comments

A good measure of the 'softness' of a regulatory action is the warmness of the reception of the decision by the regulated, writes Glenn Dyer.

When Libbi Gorr met Germaine. (Two cooked ladies)

Libbi Gorr writes:Aug 27, 20089 Comments

Germaine has no qualms about trying new social recipes to feed public debate, knowing each time, there is always a caveat. She’s gunna get cooked. Which could explain her aversion to brisket. , writes Libbi Gorr.

Olympics a missed opportunity for digital TV

Peter Cox writes:Aug 27, 20082 Comments

The Olympics were a great chance to use digital TV to benefit consumers, but weren't. It's time for the government to rethink its current broadcasting agenda, writes Peter Cox.

Fairfax suffering from anti-employee management?

Glenn Dyer writes:Aug 26, 20082 Comments

The company has chosen the three worse performing areas in 2008: the metro printing and publishing businesses reported lower sales and earnings, as did New Zealand newspapers, writes Glenn Dyer.

The Crikey Ethicist: Colin the baby whale and we the people

John Armstrong, philosopher in residence at the Melbourne Business School, writes:Aug 26, 200810 Comments

It’s sentimental to cry for a baby whale. That’s not because it’s sentimental to cry, but because the passion is not finding its real object. Colin was a symbol, writes Crikey ethicist John Armstrong.

Richard Farmer's political bite-sized meaty chunks

Richard Farmer writes:Aug 22, 20083 Comments

Meaty snippets from the home of government, Richard Farmer writes.

Opera Australia does its bit for the SMH arts pages

Nicholas Pickard writes:Aug 21, 20082 Comments

If you think the Brits' inferiority complex in sport was bad, you should see what’s going on in the world of opera, writes Nicholas Pickard.

Aussie mags in crisis

Glenn Dyer writes:Aug 15, 20081 Comment

ACP and Pacific are going to have to get used to the fact that many of their titles are now seen as disposable purchases by their readers, writes Glenn Dyer

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