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Mining Twitter for meaning

Crikey April 15, 2009

Doctors are using it to remove brain tumours. Companies like Starbucks are testing public sentiment for their lattes with it. Twitter is proving handy, if you know how to use it.

No GFC in Second Life

Crikey April 14, 2009

Ironically, with the hyperbole around virtual worlds mostly gone, some real world outcomes are being demonstrated, partly because of, rather than in spite of, the current economic climate, writes David Holloway.

Fairfax hurts itself by holding out on link love

Crikey April 14, 2009

Fairfax seems to prefer to treat its readers a bit like a jealous man who tries to stop his girlfriend from meeting other men in the hope that this will protect the relationship, writes Tim Burrowes.

Quality journalism will bloom online

Alan Kohler April 9, 2009

In my view the internet provides the opportunity for the rebirth of this kind of journalism, not its death.

Company tweets job ads!

Crikey April 1, 2009

More than three-quarters of digital agency Organic's jobs are placed solely on social media sites like Twitter.

What is Twitter and why do I keep reading about it?

Ruth B February 6, 2009 3 Comments

Twitter. It's everywhere and journalists just won't shut up about it. Let us try to explain.

Hillary, who are you?

Crikey February 12, 2001

The Australian tries to untangle the riddle inside the enigma that is Hillary Bray, writes Hillary Bray.