Meet Facebook’s porn cops

May 5, 2009

To keep Facebook clean and friendly for advertisers, the site employs a team of "porn cops" who spend their days monitoring and censoring users' content.

Eight things you didn’t know about the Internet

May 5, 2009

Can we turn it off? Is there only one? Who controls it? New Scientist answers burning questions about the Net.

Bolt’s Swine Flu aporkolypse

May 4, 2009

Andrew Bolt was quick to imagine the worst about swine flu.

Love in the blogosphere, a cautionary tale

May 1, 2009

How a group of otherwise intelligent people conducted themselves in borderline Lord of the Flies fashion when they went online in 2008. Jim Windolf recalls the story of Keith Gessen and Emily Gould.

Conroy take note: firewalled countries rebel

May 1, 2009

The most oppressive regimes in the world uniformly censor the Internet, but some Chinese geeks have found a loop hole and an online rebellion has begun... attacked by unicorns

April 29, 2009

Keith Lam is the programming guy for and spent most of his final hour yesterday fighting off unicorns from's site. How did this awesomeness happen? He explains. Kind of.

Twitter audience is exploding, but no-one’s sticking around

April 29, 2009

A study has found that over 60% of people who sign up to Twitter have stopped using the service a month later.

Swine flu hysteria pulls 10,000 tweets per hour

April 29, 2009

Twitter is recording about 10,000 tweets about "swine flu" per hour.

Web services drained by unprofitable third world countries

April 29, 2009

Sites like YouTube and Facebook are seeing unprecendent growth in the developing world, but these countries drain their servers and generate little ad revenue. What is the socially minded Web2.0 to do?

Facebook’s missing fingers

April 28, 2009

Facebook is totally awesome except for the whole work/friends/family thing. Here are five things that the social networking site is missing.