February, 2018

Domain ‘boys’ club’ complaint confirmed … Tingle leaves AFR … the revolving door …

, Feb 12, 2018

Yet more evidence emerges of a troubling culture at Domain. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Court suppresses Tele’s Rush defence … ABC apologises to Rudd … why Fox’s Disney deal was done …

, Feb 09, 2018

A court has ordered the complete suppression of the Daily Tele's defence in the Geoffrey Rush defamation suit. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Catalano lawyers up … Falconio story ‘too detailed and graphic’ … Ginny Stein made redundant …

, Feb 08, 2018

Former Domain CEO Antony Catalano has sent his former employer, Fairfax, a legal letter over claims published by The Australian Financial Review yesterday.

Domain a ‘boys club’ under Catalano … Yahoo7 restructure … Good feud guide …

, Feb 07, 2018

The Australian Financial Reviewreports today that shortly before former Domain CEO Antony Catalano suddenly left the business, a formal complaint about the the workplace culture at the recently-listed company was lodged.

AFLW “gender equality storm” … bring back Dundee … chaos at Newsweek …

, Feb 06, 2018

The decision to replace the host for an AFL women's competition program with a man is working itself up into a "gender equality storm". Last year's host Tiffany Cherry says the decision to replace her as host of Women's Footy with Clint Stanaway is a "significant step back".

Vale Michael Gordon … good feud guide … exclusive watch …

, Feb 05, 2018

Building bridges between the ABC and The Australian. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Facebook and Google post record revenues as government pressure falls flat

, Feb 05, 2018

The media monoliths continue their unstoppable growth, despite fines from the EU and continued cries from traditional marketing bodies.

How long before the traditional news cycle dies?

, Feb 05, 2018

If this summer's news has taught us anything, it's that traditional media cycle is on life-support, and the end may be closer than you think.

McLachlan sues for defamation … good feud guide … News Corp share sell-off …

, Feb 02, 2018

Craig McLachlan has engaged Stuart Littlemore QC in legal action against the ABC, Fairfax and actor Christie Whelan Browne over stories published that accuse him of sexual harassment on the set of the 2014 Rocky Horror Show.

Fairfax HQ moving house … ABC sound library plan … Facebook users less engaged? …

, Feb 01, 2018

Fairfax is shopping around for a new Sydney headquarters. An email to staff this morning fromCEO Greg Hywood said the company had started looking for a new home in or around the Sydney CBD.

A home for the weirdos: is the era of niche online satire publishing over?

, Jan 31, 2018

Despite the overwhelming popularity of "weird comedy" among online millennials, the sites that publish it are finding it harder and harder to survive in the increasingly revenue-focused world of digital publishing.

BBC consider pay cap for equality … the revolving door … ABC’s new schedule …

, Jan 30, 2018

BBC managers are considering capping all full-time presenter salaries after pay inequalities between men and women at the broadcaster became public, after six male hosts said they would take pay cuts.

Did Seven take the bait? … that’s live TV … the revolving door …

, Jan 29, 2018

Did 7 take the bait? The Seven Network has denied it mistakenly bought a Kiwi satirical fishing program to run on its 7mate digital channel. Users on Twitter yesterday started to speculate Seven buyers thought the program Screaming Reels was a serious fishing program, because it was categorised on some TV guides as “reality”, “sports” and […]

Seven West redundancies … Waterstreet responds to Q&A criticism … Murphy Brown revival ….

, Jan 25, 2018

Staff at Seven West Media in Perth have been given until Tuesday to submit an expression of interest in voluntary redundancy, as part of cuts announced late last year.

Waterstreet on #metoo Q&A panel … FT goes undercover … Vice joint venture ends …

, Jan 24, 2018

Aunty has invited Charles Waterstreet to publicly discuss the #MeToo movement on national television. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

International viewers are fueling Netflix dominance

, Jan 24, 2018

Netflix's quarterly earnings, released this week, show incredible growth in subscribers and profits, thanks in large part to the streaming service's international viewers.

Networks need to kill the silly season if they want viewers to stick to traditional TV

, Jan 23, 2018

The traditional summer lull of non-ratings television has long been in place to offset costs for the year ahead, but could it be turning viewers away for good?

Mitchell on Doyle … Greenwald’s war on Russia investigation … a croc & ball story …

, Jan 23, 2018

Neil Mitchell offers his two cents on the Robert Doyle allegations. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

McLachlan fights back … the BBC takes on Today … the revolving door

, Jan 22, 2018

Actor Craig McLachlan will sue Fairfax Media and the ABC for defamation over allegations they have published of sexual harassment and indecent behaviour while working on the 2014 production of Rocky Horror Show.
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Seven’s record low shares … Peter Greste takes up uni role … why did we just hear about Stormy Daniels? …

, Jan 19, 2018

The year has started with record-low share prices for Seven West Media, down 3.6%.