March, 2018

‘I hate journalists’ … are we done with Barnaby yet? … doctors sue ABC journo over Scientology book …

, Mar 12, 2018

The ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr has taken a swipe at journalists and mainstream media, which The Canberra Time is calling a Trumpian desire "to shape government policy to his personal, long-held enmity".

Rowe out at Studio 10 … Rebel alleges collusion … Footy Show flops …

, Mar 09, 2018

Studio 10 co-host Jessica Rowe made the surprise announcement on the program this morning that she would be leaving the network. In a statement on-air, Rowe said she wanted to spend more time with her family and be a "more present" mother.

ABC’s all-women presenters … Seven gets desperate … Department of Corrections …

, Mar 08, 2018

The ABC has bumped its male talent off air for International Women's Day. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Black music book pulped … Guardian Australia partners up … networks to cut ads

, Mar 07, 2018

A book on black women in music has been pulped. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

News Corp launches kids’ news site … the road to Raqqa … no awards for Oscars ratings …

, Mar 06, 2018

Just months after Australia's first and only children's newspaper Crinkling News folded, News Corp has launched its own children's national news website.

Lindsay Murdoch retires … The Mercury’s big apology … a new paywall … 

, Mar 05, 2018

Fairfax's long-time South East Asia correspondent Lindsay Murdoch has retired after 40 years with The Age and Fairfax Media.

ISIS article ‘censored’ … Canadian government’s plan for news … video of the day …

, Mar 01, 2018 is claiming that it was censored after a ruling by the Classification Board found that one of its articles "directly or indirectly" advocated terrorist acts. And other media tidbits of the day.

Your ABC platform for doomsayers

and , Mar 01, 2018

The ABC continues to provide a platform for people with poor prediction records to warn of imminent economic doom.

ABC does the shuffle … return serve to Nick Cater … Doug Anthony Allstar shame

, Feb 28, 2018

Ahead of the ABC's appearance at Senate Estimates last night, a staff email announced a reshuffle of editorial positions that head of news Gaven Morris said would clear up any confusion after the chaos around the cabinet files and Emma Alberici decisions.

‘Journalist assaulted Mehajer with questions’ … Isentia boss quits … Correction of the day …

, Feb 27, 2018

A Sydney magistrate has criticised journalist Laura Banks who was assaulted by Salim Mehajer.

Media giants unite to quash Rebel … Top End talent bumped … karmic typos …

, Feb 26, 2018

Australia's biggest rival media companies have joined forces against Rebel Wilson's massive payout. Plus other media tidbits of the day.

Revised Alberici piece re-posted … Parkland’s student journos …. Murdochs’ big pay packets

, Feb 23, 2018

The ABC has finally re-posted chief economics correspondent Emma Ablerici's analysis of corporate tax cuts.

Trump’s company tax cut unleashes US buyback frenzy

, Feb 23, 2018

As the evidence mounts that company tax cuts will flow almost exclusively to investors, some media outlets want to shoot the messenger.

Do I have to tell a prospective employer if I have mental health issues?

, Feb 22, 2018

A recent job ad at Fairfax raises some important questions.

What we’re really talking about when we talk about ‘the church’

, Feb 22, 2018

Despite Fairfax's Catholic Inc investigation, we can't fix the church until we understand that it doesn't exist, at least in the way we think it does, writes Vaticanologist Michael Hewitt-Gleeson

Limelight revived by investors … 2day FM staffer sacked … A journo’s 17 hours in Chinese police custody …

, Feb 21, 2018

Arts magazine Limelight has been given a reprieve after a group of investors came forward to try to save it.

The Fin demands the silencing of dissent on company tax

, Feb 21, 2018

The ABC has not uttered a single word in defence of one of its most senior journalists but the AFR has plenty to say.

The Tele on trial … News Corp’s new ad campaign … ABC’s tips from the super rich …

, Feb 20, 2018

The Daily Telegraph has gone all-out in its coverage today of its defamation case with actor Geoffrey Rush.

Seven’s Winter Olympics spin … ABC votes for staff director … Domain’s first results …

, Feb 19, 2018

The Seven Network has been patting itself on the back for last week's ratings performance, but there are more factors to consider.
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Waterstreet HASN’T sued for defo … Florida shooting fact check … Video of the day …

, Feb 16, 2018

Contrary to an extensive New Matilda article and an errant line in an ABC report, barrister Charles Waterstreet has told Crikey he has not lodged any defamation proceedings against a woman who accused him of sexual harassment.