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Mark Scott: NBN will reshape everything

Crikey April 9, 2009

I am not in a position to lecture anyone about what is happening in the media today. I don’t think anyone is, said ABC chief Mark Scott in a speech last night.

Quality journalism will bloom online

Alan Kohler April 9, 2009

In my view the internet provides the opportunity for the rebirth of this kind of journalism, not its death.

Ashby v. Pallas, and the court of public opinion

Crikey April 7, 2009

So what value does The Age's secret leaked Mullett document really have? Asks Greg Barns

The future of “quality” journalism: lots of questions, few answers

Stilgherrian April 6, 2009

A bunch of media people gathered at the ABC’s in Sydney last week to discuss the future of journalism, and not one of them whinged about bloggers.

Who is the minister some bits of Fairfax refuse to name?

Crikey April 6, 2009

It seems different arms of the Fairfax Media empire are more circumspect than others when it comes to outing Victorian state government ministers, writes Andrew Crook.

Xenophon’s push to improve shield laws

Crikey Intern April 6, 2009

Independent senator Nick Xenophon is working on a plan to force the federal Government to improve its proposed shield laws for journalists' sources.

Hillary, who are you?

Crikey February 12, 2001

The Australian tries to untangle the riddle inside the enigma that is Hillary Bray, writes Hillary Bray.

The Crikey Register of Journalists

Crikey February 14, 2000

What happens if you've been a foreign correspondent and an editor by the time you are 40? What do you do for the next 15 years? Check out the Crikey register of journalists to find out