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The lost generation of journalists

Crikey April 21, 2009

Media definition of "success" in 2009: employment. That's right, if you have a job in an industry that has no clear future, you're doing well.

Pirates capture the Australia Council’s Facebook page

Crikey April 21, 2009

Schweppes release hairy man bibs ... Sun-Times cut non-union staff ... wins a Pulitzer

Eating red meat: like smoke from a hungry anus

Crikey April 21, 2009

Last Sunday's Age carried two articles on red meat by Melinda Houston. Anybody wanting to write an advertorial should study this piece of journalism in detail, it's brilliant, writes Geoff Russell.

A degree of despair

Crikey April 21, 2009

Imagine if you studied for four years and then your profession ceased to exist. It's not quite <em>that</em> dire, but journalism traineeships in the UK have all but dried up.

A five-day delay doesn’t equal a cover-up

Scott Bridges April 21, 2009

Taking time to gather information about the asylum seeker boat that exploded at Ashmore Reef doesn't necessarily indicate a cover-up, writes Scott Bridges.

Why are newspapers exploiting the people they cover?

Crikey April 20, 2009

Journalists complain that Google exploits their content. But if you go by the journalist's own logic, then the truth is that they are exploiting the newsmakers they cover, argues Mike Masnick.

The death of journalism excellence

Crikey April 20, 2009

Journalism isn't dead -- but it's not very good, either.

White arsonists by the boatload

Jeff Sparrow April 17, 2009

Will politicians and shockjocks now start whispering about how country Victorians started the bushfire disaster themselves?

Bolt plumbs new depths in asylum seeker debate

Crikey April 17, 2009

Comments by Andrew Bolt and co. in the 36 hours since the Ashmore explosion show politics and public debate at their absolute worst.

Social media bites McDonalds and Domino’s

Crikey April 17, 2009

Filthy Adelaide Maccas a worlwide hit ... US paper ad revenue plummets ... Should The NY Times go online-only?