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Hartigan: the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insight

Crikey July 1, 2009 5 Comments

The full transcript of News Limited Chairman and CEO John Hartigan's speech to the National Press Club today.

Another Russian journo dies in mysterious circumstances

Crikey July 1, 2009

Yaroslav Yaroshenko, editor of newspaper Korruptsiya i Prestupnost, has died from head injuries suffered from an attack outside his apartment after the paper reported on alleged corruption by local government and officials.

What to do with your print journalism degree

What to do with your print journalism degree

Ruth B June 30, 2009

Salon's Agony Aust, Cary Tennis, advises an over-qualified journalism graduate who still lives at home and sells ice-cream for a living.

Honduras, not quite #Iran

Guy Rundle June 30, 2009 6 Comments

The Honduran coup has been greeted with near silence from the right, despite the fact that the military has now closed down all anti-coup TV and radio stations, including CNN Espanol, and the Latin America wide Telesur network.

In defence of statistics

Crikey June 30, 2009

Journalists, academics and politicians in England have joined forces in an offensive against bent stats. Straight Statistics wants to boost public confidence in data, by lampooning those who misuse it.

Could tighter copyright laws save journalism?

Crikey June 29, 2009

How can quality journalism be preserved in the era of online rehashed churnalism? Connie Schultz thinks American copyright laws need reforming.

Iran: The world leader in jailing journalists

Iran: The world leader in jailing journalists

Crikey June 29, 2009

In just the 13 days since the Iranian election, the country has become the world's leading jailer of journalists, with 40 journos detained and arrest by police.

Jackson coverage was overkill

Crikey June 28, 2009

American entertainment bows to what economists call "consumer sovereignty," and Jackson's popularity was a clear example of that, writes Tom Rutten. Still, the media had more important issues to discuss.

What about the Merauke Five?

Crikey June 28, 2009

Why did the media ignore Australia's Merauke five, now home after nine months' detention in West Papua? Possibly because they are middle-aged, middle-of-the-road people, writes Mark Bousen.

Some weekend reading from the world’s magazines

Some weekend reading from the world’s magazines

Richard Farmer June 26, 2009

Ricahrd Farmer hand-picks some great weekend reads from around the world.