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Did newspapers invent Jack the Ripper?

CrikeyMay 5, 2009

According to a new book, Jack the Ripper was an invention created by journalists to boost sales.

Melbourne's newest suburb: Jew

Melbourne's newest suburb: Jew

CrikeyMay 5, 20091 Comment

The Hun's typo of the year, Gerard Henderson needs media watching, Rupert not pleased with free WSJ iPhone app and what went wrong at Portfolio?

Gawenda: Musings on The Monthly and mentoring

CrikeyMay 4, 2009

"I thought, as I read Robert’s account of how he had been Sally’s mentor and how she had repaid him for this -- how few are the mentors who understand that the role is not about gathering disciples." The Monthly bust-up according to Rocky and Gawenda.

Four Corners replies: cop this Paul Sheehan

CrikeyMay 4, 20091 Comment

Debbie Whitmont and Sue Spencer respond to Paul Sheehan's article criticising the Four Corners' episode "The Newman Case".

Will Obama act to save captive US journalists?

Ruth BMay 3, 2009

Three American journalists, one in Iran and two in North Korea, are currently imprisoned under dubious charges. What -- if anything -- will Obama do to save them?

China employs "market-based" media censorship

CrikeyMay 3, 2009

Pressure from advertisers and executives with CCP ties have made China's media industry effectively self-censoring.

Canwest, Indy edge closer to the precipice

Glenn DyerMay 1, 2009

Canwest Global and the UK's Independent News & Media are treading a scarily similar path to oblivion.

World Press Freedom Day: Australian needs to lift its game

CrikeyMay 1, 2009

On Monday, we mark World Press Freedom Day, which should give us pause this year as we reflect on how precious freedom of expression can be, and how easily it can be denied, writes Chris Warren.

The Monthly: detractors shouldn't hide behind anonymity

CrikeyMay 1, 2009

Mark Aarons and Alex Miller weigh in on the recent developments at The Monthly.

And the Wankley goes to... Quadrant

And the Wankley goes to... Quadrant

CrikeyMay 1, 2009

This week's coveted golden statuette goes to Quadrant for the their thoughtful contribution to The Monthly saga.

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