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Will those damn alcopops never go away?

Bernard KeaneApr 16, 2009

The nation’s 15-year-olds have much to answer for.

Fairfax: have sponsor, will travel

CrikeyApr 16, 2009

The Hun's prejudicial murder framing ... Seattle journos create their own news source ... BBC reporter breaches rules on impartiality

Memo to Bolt: race runs deeper than skin colour

Chris GrahamApr 16, 2009

Any attention is good attention, right? There's no other rational way to explain Andrew Bolt's column in the Herald Sun yesterday.

The spin is all in the prism

CrikeyApr 15, 2009

Political reporters see everything through a prism. It changes according to mood and moment, writes Alastair Campbell.

Tamils in Torres Strait

Andrew BartlettApr 15, 2009

The Torres News has a piece on their website (and the front page of their dead tree version) about the recent arrival of fifty Tamil asylum seekers in the region. The style and detail of the story makes an interesting contrast to a lot of the mainstream media coverage of asylum seeker arrivals.

A fine field of winners

Sophie BlackApr 9, 2009

Mmmm we love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

Mark Scott: NBN will reshape everything

CrikeyApr 9, 2009

I am not in a position to lecture anyone about what is happening in the media today. I don’t think anyone is, said ABC chief Mark Scott in a speech last night.

Quality journalism will bloom online

Alan KohlerApr 9, 2009

In my view the internet provides the opportunity for the rebirth of this kind of journalism, not its death.

Ashby v. Pallas, and the court of public opinion

CrikeyApr 7, 2009

So what value does The Age's secret leaked Mullett document really have? Asks Greg Barns

The future of “quality” journalism: lots of questions, few answers

StilgherrianApr 6, 2009

A bunch of media people gathered at the ABC’s in Sydney last week to discuss the future of journalism, and not one of them whinged about bloggers.

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