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Deconstructing Blair's law

CrikeyApr 27, 2009

Daily Telegraph Opinion Editor Tim Blair is very proud of his eponymous "law", which essentially says all Leftists are confused idiots who mindlessly support idiotic causes.

A loss for the climate, but a victory for free speech

CrikeyApr 24, 2009

The Australian's continued scepticism on climate change may be bad for the planet, but it's a victory for independent editorial judgment.

Rundle's Friday drive-bys: terrorist/freedom fighters, right decline, renaming New Zealand.

Guy RundleApr 24, 2009

Guy Rundle's sort-of column containing all the bits too long-winded and obscure for media briefs.

Pulitzer won't save jobs in journalism's brave new world

Eleri HarrisApr 24, 2009

It appears even the holy grail of journalism awards can't save writers from unemployed destitution.

Gongs for Herald Sun's over-eager eulogising and a Yowie expert

CrikeyApr 24, 2009

The Friday edition would not be complete without a nod to the best ‘expert’ of the week: Tim the Yowie Man. Crikey intern Elly Keating.

Canwest and Independent win breathing space on debt

CrikeyApr 23, 2009

Canwest Global and Independent News and Media have been given more time to repay debt, Nine has a non-exclusive, and could this be the end of MySpace Tom?

Fawcett to sue Tele over those 'Hanson' pics

Andrew CrookApr 23, 2009

It seems the notorious Pauline Hanson fake nude photos saga is headed for a delicious postscript.

Where in the world is Matt Drudge?

CrikeyApr 22, 2009

Matt Drudge remains one of the most powerful figures in journalism. So why has he gone almost completely underground?

High class ladies: how they roll in Cairns

CrikeyApr 22, 2009

Cairns Post readers on how they'll spend their $900, SMH's Photoshop fail, and China defies the media trends.

Pulitzer Prize winners for breaking news photography

CrikeyApr 22, 2009

Stirring images from top news agencies.

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