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Mutter: My advice to Chicago publishers

CrikeyJun 6, 2009

Former newspaper editor Alan Mutter gave Chicago editors some ideas about how monetise their content. Here's what he told them.

Breaking the Tiananmen taboo

CrikeyJun 5, 2009

An official Beijing newspaper made a quiet but unprecented mention of the Tiananmen Square Massacre yesterday. Why did they do it and -- more importantly -- why were they allowed to?

Rush and Newt are winning the media culture wars

CrikeyJun 5, 2009

If you doubt that there is a conservative inclination in the media, consider how much noise is created when Rush Limbaugh sneezes or Newt Gingrich tweets, says E.J. Dionne Jr

TechCrunch set to build e-reader prototype

CrikeyJun 5, 2009

Step aside Kindle and Cool-er, TechCrunch is creating their very own e-reader.

<em>Gawker</em> chief rejects old media hacks

Gawker chief rejects old media hacks

CrikeyJun 5, 2009

Yes there's a lot of experienced print journos desperate for work at the moment, but the head of the Gawker blog empire, Nick Denton, says he doesn't want them. "They don't adjust well to working online." Ouch.

When analysts are no longer enough

When analysts are no longer enough

Possum ComitatusJun 5, 2009

We live in a world overwhelmed by data. It is how we tell the story of that information that will affect the media in the next decade, writes Possum, data visualisation advocate.

Jailed Azerbaijani newspaper editor wins media award

CrikeyJun 4, 2009

Azerbaijani newspaper editor Eynulla Fatullayev has been given a special award for "journalism under threat" in the Amnesty International Media Awards.

<em>NYT</em>: Readers ain't readers

NYT: Readers ain't readers

CrikeyJun 4, 2009

The New York Times no longer refer to their readers as... readers. They're now "users".

The <em>NY Times</em>’ big gay celebration

The NY Times’ big gay celebration

CrikeyJun 4, 2009

More than 300 same-sex wedding or commitment announcements have appeared in The NY Times over the past seven years -- now the paper is bringing many of those together to commemorate Stonewall.

Covering Tiananmen: a journalist looks back

CrikeyJun 4, 2009

Press coverage of violence in Tiananmen Square have shaped foriegn perceptions of China for over two decades. The BBC's then-Beijing correspondant James Miles reflects back on the difficulties of the assignment.