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Deceptive toddlers and fabricated bogans

Sophie BlackMay 22, 2009

Viral marketing, vested interests and self promotion tricked up as news, nothing new to see here folks... But here's a Wankley anyhow.

Whingers and rentseekers owe taxpayers billions in wasted time

Bernard KeaneMay 22, 20094 Comments

What’s the cost to Australians each year of the time spent reading press articles and hearing news bulletins based on biased "independent" modelling generated by whingers and rentseekers?

Dissident writer Michel Kilo freed

CrikeyMay 22, 2009

Syrian writer and activist Michel Kilo has been released from prison after serving three-years for encouraging the country to recognise Lebanon's independence.

"Beer mat Mum" follows media script to perfection

Andrew DoddMay 21, 200922 Comments

The latest tabloid beat-up suggests the Australian media will grab any chance it can to condemn the authorities of our Asian neighbours, especially if it involves beer.

Penny-pinching, the media's theme du jour

CrikeyMay 21, 2009

The media are herd animals and as befits these ‘hard’ times the Columbia Journalism Review has been tracking what it calls the ‘frugality beat’. Australian journos aren't immune.

Picard: Why journalists deserve low pay

CrikeyMay 21, 2009

Journos just aren't creating much value these days, says Robert Picard, and until they come to grips with that, no amount of blogging or twittering is going to solve their failing business models.

How an American brought down the house of rorts

CrikeyMay 21, 2009

Meet "sassy" American reporter Heather Brooke, the woman who fought and won to expose the British MP expenses scandal.

Facebook: should journalists use it?

CrikeyMay 20, 2009

An agony aunt approach to Facebooking for journalists.

The crying game: football clubs naively play media game

by Ralph HorowitzMay 20, 2009

The most interesting aspect of the Wallace (non)sacking is the naively dangerous game that some football people play by aligning themselves with different media identities.

Anger over UK MP expenses can't be exported

Anger over UK MP expenses can't be exported

CrikeyMay 20, 20091 Comment

When things go wrong, as they have in the UK, public outrage is entirely appropriate. But the sort of knee jerk media hostility toward Australian politicians is ridiculous.

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